When you have tried all the ‘traditional’ high street avenues to lose weight, what do you turn to next?

For lots of us trying out weight loss diets, once we have tried slimming groups, we turn to the slightly less traditional methods and often they can be quite extreme and can get very expensive.

As weight loss experts, we wanted to take a look at some of the best and most convenient home weight loss diets – meaning you don’t need to attend a group to see how they help you lose weight and how effective they are at helping you reach your weight loss goals.


  1. Non-prescription weight loss medication

If you’re looking for support alongside a weight loss diet, you might think of using non-prescription weight loss medication, such as XLS.

This type of weight loss medication helps support your weight loss by reducing the calories you absorb when you eat from fats, carbohydrates and sugars.

Whilst it could help you to lose some weight, it unfortunately isn’t approved medically or prescription strength meaning you still have to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

These weight loss pills also recommend you drink more water when taking them, alongside a weight loss diet. Drinking more water acts as a natural appetite suppressant on its own, so their effectiveness is difficult to measure.

Non-prescription weight loss medication is also not cheap – coming in at about £60 for a month supply and for that money, you only get the medication as they offer no weight loss diet, nutritional or medical advice.

If you are looking for effective non-prescription weight loss medication, alongside tailored medical and dietary advice *and* prescription weight loss medication, you can join one of our weight loss programmes for as little as £5 per day. Not much more than you would pay for these pills alone!

Find out more about our weight loss medication and how it is effective in supporting your efforts!

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  1. Delivered meal plans

For those who are too busy or don’t know where to begin with their weight loss diet, a delivered meal plan, like Jane Plan, could be the way they kick start their weight loss journey.

Diet meal plans are specially formulated for you and offer you the chance to choose the meals and snacks you like, and they are then delivered to your door. All you have to do is cook them!

You get 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners and 28 snacks per month and you can choose a duration of your programme from 1 month – 4 months, with an estimate of 1 stone per month being lost with these delivery meal plans.

You do also get some additional support from dietitians for weight loss on this diet, so you are not alone on your journey.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks that could mean it is out of reach for quite a lot of people.

Most programmes are devised at 1,200 calories per person, which means that you are in a big calorie deficit from the minute you start. If you are used to eating 2,000 calories or more, this could be a big change for you and make you less likely to stick to the weight loss diet or have extra snacks in between meals.

These delivered meal plans are also not cheap! Starting at £184 per month and rising to £259 per month for 28 days of meals, this could be a sticking point. Especially when you consider that this is just for one person.

That’s right, this cost is only for you, not for the rest of your family. Which means you are paying for your food, then have to get your family meals on top, as well as make 2 meals at every mealtime, one for you and one for your family.

Whilst these weight loss diet plans also offer ‘weekends off’ – meaning you can eat what you want at weekends, they are also not ideal if you have a healthy social life, as there is not much room to eat off plan, once you have made the decision to join this weight loss diet.

We offer weight loss programmes that mean your diet can support the whole family!

Our great value weight loss programmes will equip you with all you need to know be successful in losing weight – with the help of experts in diet, mindset and movement, alongside your weight loss medication and regular appointments with medical professionals – all from the starting price of as little as £4.20 per day!

Find out how our weight loss dietitians support you on your journey!

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  1. Meal replacements

Weight loss diet meal replacements, such as Slim Fast, are seeing a resurgence in popularity and you might have seen their celebrity-endorsed adverts on the TV recently.

Aiming to replace your breakfast and lunch with low-calorie shakes and meal bars and allowing one 600 calorie dinner a day, meal replacement weight loss diets work by putting you in a large calorie deficit, making it a quick way to drop those pesky pounds.

Whilst this way of dieting works in the short term, in the long term, it is unsustainable and once you start eating normally again, people tend to experience weight gain pretty quickly.

For approximately £100, you can get all the shakes, meal bars and snacks you need for a month, but you will still have to purchase the foods you need for your dinners.

In addition to this, you don’t get the dietary support from weight loss dietitians, weight loss doctors or any advice about movement, or what to do once you reach your weight loss goals.

This makes weight loss regain very common with these types of diets.

With The Slimming Clinic, your weight loss programme is built around you, your lifestyle and taking into account your weight loss goals. This helps us to devise the best way for you to lose weight.

During the course of your time on a Slimming Clinic weight loss programme, you will learn all you need to know in order to lose weight sustainably and successfully and keep it off for good. We even offer a Continuing Care weight loss plan to help keep you on track and sustain your new, healthy lifestyle.

We know that losing weight isn’t easy, but that is why we have a fantastic team of weight loss experts who are here to support you every step of your way to goals.

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No matter what you have tried in the past to lose weight, we are here whenever you need us, to be the last weight loss diet you’ll ever need to do.

If you are ready to try a comprehensive weight loss programme from home, try out The Slimming Clinic online weight loss programmes.

We deliver every appointment remotely, meaning that you don’t need to go anywhere for your appointment, and all your treatments are delivered to you discreetly and securely to home.

Every online weight loss programme starts with an Initial Video Consultation for £50 with a weight loss doctor.

You will receive a thorough health consultation and spend quality 1-to-1 time with our doctor to discuss your health, weight loss goals and lifestyle.

What is even better is that when you join a weight loss programme with us, you will get your £50 Initial Video Consultation fee REFUNDED to you.

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