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Design the best online weight loss programme for you, your lifestyle and your weight loss goals!

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Tailored To You

Our aim at The Slimming Clinic is to help as many people with their health and weight loss goals as possible.
That is why all the medical weight loss programmes we offer at The Slimming Clinic are designed around the individual you are – to see you reaching your weight loss goals and maintain your weight loss when you get there.

How We Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

We are the experts in medical weight loss programmes and your programme is overseen by your weight loss doctor every step of the journey.

All our online weight loss programmes include regular remote appointments with our specialist team of medical practitioners, to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it.

Alongside this, every programme offers the weight loss medication of your choice, whether weight loss tablets or injections.

We also offer additional supportive extras that you can add to your programme, depending on your needs and requirements – making no two-weight loss programmes the same at The Slimming Clinic!

Why do we do this?

Because we understand that many patients who come to us at The Slimming Clinic have tried weight loss before, but haven’t been successful. This time, we want you to reach your weight loss goals and stay there for life.

To do this, we need to help you by introducing small, manageable changes to your life that see you achieving realistic results with your weight loss.

As well as this, because your care is overseen by our weight loss doctors, it means we can take care of your health too.

Focusing on the areas of your health you are concerned about, we work with you to get yourself back to full health, alongside your weight loss.
That’s why we let you build your own doctor-led weight loss programme based on what you need help with.

Find out how we can support your weight loss goals, book a call back from a member of the team!

Prices start at £135 per month and remember to ask us about our current offers!

New to The Slimming Clinic?

If you are new, or haven’t been a patient with us at The Slimming Clinic for over 12 months, your journey starts with an Initial Video Consultation with a weight loss doctor.
This is a comprehensive online video consultation with additional access to 14 days of the best weight loss advice you can get.

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How You Start Your Weight Loss Journey

During your Initial Video Consultation,, the doctor will spend time discussing how we can build the best weight loss programme for you, depending on your lifestyle, work and weight loss goals.
There are a number of areas of additional support you can add on to your weight loss programme, that will help you to not just reach your goals, but know exactly how your health and well-being are changing for the better too.
These include:

Take a look at our chart below to build your perfect programme and to find out how each element will see you achieve your weight loss goals!

Designing Your Bespoke Weight Loss Programme

Step 1

Pick your online weight loss programme and programme duration with our doctor at your consultation.
Prices start at £135 per month.


Step 2

Add Your FREE Programme Extras

Your Weight Loss Medication and Weight Loss App come as part of your programme.


Step 2A

Weight Loss Medication

Choose the prescription medication for you.

The cost of your weight loss medication is included in your programme fee.

Step 2B

Weight Loss App

Download your weight loss app to your smartphone.

You get Quick Start and Weight Loss Medication Patient Pathways FREE as part of your programme.

Step 3

Optional Additions

If you want more chances to reach your weight loss goals, add supportive elements –
Patient Pathways and/or Supportive Supplements


Step 3A

Patient Pathways

Add Weight Loss Support Modules in your App!
Add specialist Patient Pathways to your app to support your journey.
Prices vary per module.

Step 3B

Supportive Supplements

Exclusive Supplements to support cravings.
GZ12 = £12.99 per month.
Chromium = £8.99 per month.
Or add both for £18 per month.

Step 4


Your bespoke Weight Loss Programme is ready!

When you are ready to design the perfect online weight loss programme for you, we are here to help.

The best way to contact us is to give us a call, or you can arrange a call back from a member of the team at a more convenient time to suit you.

We cannot wait to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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