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Your journey starts with Explore

If you are a brand-new patient to The Slimming Clinic, or you’ve not had an appointment with us in over 12 months, your weight loss journey with The Slimming Clinic will start with our brilliant Explore weight loss programme.

Our Explore programme contains everything you need to get started on a weight loss journey and much more!

Find out more about Explore!

Please fill out the form and a member of our patient support team will call you back to give you more information about how The Slimming Clinic can help you.
If you are a current patient with us, you can book your appointment as normal, by calling us on 0800 917 9334!

Explore includes:


An initial telephone consultation with one of our GMC-registered doctors

During your initial consultation with the doctor, they will talk to you about your goals for weight loss, what you would like to achieve, and how we can help you achieve them!
Whilst on the call, the doctor will assess your suitability for our weight loss programmes and ensure that joining with The Slimming Clinic is the appropriate weight loss route for you and your lifestyle requirements.

A Private Weight Loss and Wellness Assessment

Once you have had a consultation call with our weight loss doctor, you will have a Private Weight Loss and Wellness Assessment that comes in two parts*.

Part 1

Your Health Assessment

Using Biometric and Stethoscope tests, they will be able to monitor and record the following:


Blood Pressure


Heart Rate




Body Fat %




Muscle Mass


And more

Part 2

Remote appointment with our one of our weight loss doctors.

The second part of your Private Weight Loss and Wellness Assessment is a remote appointment with our one of our weight loss doctors.
Your Slimming Clinic doctor will call you at your appointment time and they will talk you through your BMI and weight health check results.
Following your weight loss diagnosis with the doctor, you will design a personalised online weight loss programme to suit your lifestyle and aims.


Immediate Access to a Facebook Group

Our 14-day Facebook group contains all the advice and support we think you’ll need to get the best start to a weight loss journey.
Written exclusively for Explore by our weight loss experts in diet, movement and mindset – it will ensure you know all you need to, in order to begin losing weight successfully.

Blood Pressure Monitor (where applicable)

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