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Issue #9 of Fresh Start – our FREE weight loss magazine – is here and ready for you to read!


With everything you need to support your well-being and weight loss until Spring (!) our new 59-page issue covers:

  • Detoxing
  • Fad Diets
  • How To Commit & Stick To Resolutions
  • Body Positivity
  • How To Feel Fuller For Longer
  • Healthy Valentine’s Menu
  • How To Get Over A Plateau
  • IBS Weight Loss Help

Our Latest and Previous Issues

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Issue #8 -bumper Autumn/Winter 2021 issue!

This issue is full of everything you’ll need to navigate the cooler months and come out weighing less, feeling healthier and looking amazing.
Issue eight contains:

  • Weight loss success stories and weight loss transformations
  • Advice on how to form healthy habits
  • New weight loss medication – semaglutide
  • How to plan to lose weight in December
  • How to spot a FAD weight loss diet
  • How to lose weight without exercise

And much, much more inside its 66 pages!

Issue #7 – Winter 2021

ssue Seven of our Fresh Start Weight Loss Magazine has everything you need to lose weight through winter!
Full of :

  • Weight loss success stories
  • Advice on how to stay motivated
  • Self-care ideas
  • Weight Loss Doctor Q&A
  • And Much more!

Issue #6 – April 2020

Our Spring 2020 edition features everything you need to get ready for summer and beyond!
Read amazing articles such as:

  • Finding your sparkle this summer
  • Beat the bloat
  • Can sleeping help you lose weight?
  • Unlocking your weight loss mindset

Issue #5 – February 2020

From winter to Spring, issue 5 of Fresh Start has you covered through the coldest months of the year
Read all about:

  • How to motivate yourself all year round
  • Self-care ideas when you’re in need of some down time
  • How to speed up your metabolism
  • Banish the blues in darkest winter and keep your health on track

Issue #4 – November 2019

Enjoy our bumper festive edition of Fresh Start from 2019 with tips and advice for navigating the Christmas period. Articles include:

  • How to stay on track at Christmas
  • 7 day quick slim plan
  • Healthier Christmas day alternatives
  • Festive Fitness
  • Staying slim while you socialise

Issue #3 – September 2019

Our Autumn 2019 issue includes these amazing topics:

  • What does your body shape mean for your health?
  • Autumn activities to keep you moving
  • How to diet with friends and family
  • Dealing with cravings!

Issue #1 – April 2019

Read our very first issue of Fresh start! Content in issue #1 includes:

  • Inspirational testimonials
  • 7 day quick slim plan
  • 7 Ways to get more fruit into your diet
  • Meet Dr Charlotte Norton
  • And much more!

Issue #2 – June 2019

Get stuck in to Issue #2 of the magazine with content such as:

  • How to get started on a weight loss journey
  • Dropping a dress size IN summer
  • Great BBQ swaps ideas
  • Gaining back your confidence


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