Terms & Conditions

(1) Specifications for Treatment
(a) We can offer prescriptive weight loss medication to patients with a BMI of over 27 with no medical contraindications.
(b) Our treatment programmes without medication are available to anyone with a BMI above 25.
(c) The doctor must be sure of no medical contraindications to your treatment. Failure to disclose any medical contraindications to your weight loss treatment could result in the termination of your treatment and weight loss programme without refund.

(2) Refunds and Cancellation of Programmes
(a) Treatment programmes are non-refundable unless exceptional medical circumstances can be proven, or you are deemed medically unsuitable to continue treatment. Cases such as these are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and all refunds are at the discretion of our Slimming Clinic doctors and Management team.
(b) We understand that a person’s situation may change. If you are thinking about cancelling your monthly direct debit, please call us on 0800 917 9334.

(3) Cancelled or Missed Appointments
(a) If you cannot attend your booked appointment, please notify us at least 48-hours before your appointment time and date by calling us on 0800 917 9334. Messages via email and other channels can be missed, so please ensure to call.
(a) If you miss your appointment, without giving us 48 hours prior notice via telephone, a £25 deposit will need to be taken upon booking a further appointment. This money will be held on your account and be deducted from the price of your next treatment or refunded if you are unable to be treated on medical grounds.

(4) Medication Returns or Refunds
(a) Due to the legislative and regulatory requirements for the safe handling of prescriptive medication, no prescription medication can be returned or refunded once purchased.

(5) Additional Supportive Extras
(a) All additional supportive extras, such as Zinzino products, are prescribed to you based on your clinical and weight loss needs.
(b) Additional supportive extras can be taken in single month or multi-month packages.
(c) In order to qualify for the discounted, multi-month price on additional supportive extras, you must commit to at least 3 months.
(d) The treatment prices of your additional supportive extras includes the cost of postage and packaging.
(e) If you wish to cancel your subscription of your additional supportive weight loss extras, please contact us via telephone on 0800 917 9334.

(6) Initial Video Consultations £50 Fee
(a) Your £50 Initial Consultation fee will be deducted off the cost of your treatment programme when you join a weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic.
(i) If you have paid for the full cost of your programme upfront, the deposit will be deducted straight away.
(ii) If you have signed up to a direct debit, the deposit will be deducted off your first month’s payment.
(b) This £50 refund offer cannot be used in conjunction with any of our other offers.
(c) If you choose not to join a weight loss programme, you will not receive the £50 refund.
(d) Where you cannot be treated with weight loss tablet medication, you will be offered Saxenda weight loss injections, Xenical or a Lean Shake Meal Replacement plan. If you choose not to be treated with these options, you will not be eligible for your £50 refund.

(7) Credits
(a) Credits added to patient accounts are valid for 6-months from date of issue. After 6-months this credit will not be able to be used against any further treatment.

(8) Refer a Friend Promotion Terms & Conditions
(a) The unique referral code can only be used by the ‘new patient’ during the ‘new’ patient’s first appointment.
(b) We will check that the ‘new’ patient has not been to The Slimming Clinic before or has not had an appointment with The Slimming Clinic for the last 90 days and then the existing patient is therefore entitled to this offer.
(c) Once the ‘new’ patient has purchased a programme, the referrer will receive a £30 credit on their account.
(d) Once the ‘new’ patient has purchased a programme, they, too, will receive a £30 credit on their account.
(e) If either patient is on a direct debit payment plan the credit will either be added to the patient’s account for future payments or be deducted from future direct debit payments depending on when the next payment is due to be taken.
(f) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
(g) The credit is valid for 6 months from the date it is applied to the account.

(9) Treatment for 65 – 70-Year-olds
(a) A new or lapsed greater than 12-month patient of 65 years or over can be treated with Saxenda or Xenical only.
(b) If a new or lapsed greater than 12-month patient over the age of 65 wishes to only be treated by weight loss tablet medication, the patient must provide consent to The Slimming Clinic that we can contact their GP and we can receive a GP Summary that is approved by The Slimming Clinic doctors in order to commence treatment.
(c) An existing patient who turns 65 can continue treatment with weight loss tablets as long as the patient consents for The Slimming Clinic to inform their GP and The Slimming Clinic have obtained and GP summary received.

(10) Treatment of patients aged 70+
(a) We do not prescribe weight loss tablets to patients 70+, but if the patient is suitable, we can offer Saxenda weight loss injections or Xenical.

(11) Percentage Discount Offer
(a) We offer our percentage discounts based on the number of months that you commit to with The Slimming Clinic.
(b) The full price of the number of months you commit to must be paid upfront to qualify for the appropriate discount. No Direct Debit payment plans will be accepted.
(c) There are no refunds offered on this promotion, unless the patient is deemed medically unsuitable for treatment by a Slimming Clinic doctor.
(d) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any of our other offers, including 4 for 3, 10% off etc.
(e) CAAS medication only. Saxenda is not included in this promotion.

(12) Delivery & Shipping Policy
(a) By joining a programme with The Slimming Clinic, you are agreeing to the Delivery & Shipping Policy which are inclusive to the below terms.

(12a) UK Deliveries
(a) Once your weight loss medication has been prescribed it will be processed, packed and labelled in our dispensing unit. This process is usually within 24 hours following your appointment, however, may take longer if your Slimming Clinic Doctor is awaiting weight or blood pressure readings from you.
(b) Your parcel will be sent using a Royal Mail Tracked 24 service and a tracking number should be provided to you directly from Royal Mail via email or SMS.
(c) Any additional supportive extras from Zinzino are dispatched as follows:
(i) If you are taking one month of Zinzino, your treatments will be dispatched from our dispensing unit and delivered with your weight loss treatments.
(ii) If you commit to multi-month subscription of Zinzino products, these will be dispatched and fulfilled by Zinzino.

(12b) UK Deliveries – Saxenda Weight Loss Injections
(a) Once your weight loss medication has been prescribed it will be processed, packed, and labelled by an affiliated pharmacy. Your medication is packed in temperature-controlled packaging which allows your medication to be outside of a refrigerator for 72 hours. The courier service for Saxenda is DPD or Royal Mail.

(12c) Republic of Ireland Deliveries
(a) The Slimming Clinic is not responsible for any customs applied to your delivery. These fees are the responsibility of the patient.

(12d) Business Days & Holidays
(a) Our dispatching days are Monday – Friday. If your medication is prescribed just before or after a bank holiday, please expect delays for an additional 1-2 working days.

(13) 3 for 2 Offer
(a). The full 2-month price must be paid upfront in order to qualify for the 3rd month free. No Direct Debit payment plans will be accepted.
(b). There are no refunds offered on this promotion, unless the patient is deemed medically unsuitable for treatment by a Slimming Clinic doctor.
(c). The offer is on CAAS tablet medication only.
(d). This offer cannot be used against Saxenda or Leanshake weight loss programme. Or Supplements.
(e). This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any of our other offers. Patients who have paid a booking deposit can have this credited against their order. Patients who have booked online will also receive their credit of £50.
(f).Offer End Date: 31st January 2023.

(14) ‘Blue Light’ Offer
(a). The patient must produce a valid, in-date healthcare/NHS/ID card at the beginning of their initial video consultation or renewal appointment to receive their 10% discount.
(b). There is no minimum term on the weight loss programme to qualify for the discount.
(c). Patient can pay monthly, or in advance, but will receive the same 10% discount.
(d). 10% discount applies to their prescription weight loss medications.
(e). Discount will not be applied to additional supplements such as Zinzino or Chromium.
(f). 10% Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, such as 3 for 2.
(g). Offer end date: TBC


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