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That is why we develop our medical weight loss programmes around you and your needs and lifestyle – whatever you need to get you to your goal. When it comes to your weight loss, The Slimming Clinic can cover whatever support you need, whether you are looking for diet, mindset, movement or medical weight loss help.

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Together we lost 500,000 lbs last year.

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Want to know more about how our remote weight loss programmes work?

We offer a variety of online weight loss programmes to aid in improving your lifestyle and reaching your weight loss goals.

We offer variety of weight loss treatments

Our weight loss treatments are tailored to fit your needs based on a medical weight loss examination with a GMC-registered doctor. We offer a variety of treatments to ensure you reach your weight loss goals, from weight loss medication and weight loss supplements, to online diet plans and movement coaching.
All our medical weight loss treatments include appointments with our doctors and health practitioners, patients are also invited to be part of our online support group which provides 24/7 support from our weight loss experts and access to other like-minded patients for additional support, encouragement, and inspiration!

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Together we lost 500,000 lbs last year.

Let our success stories inspire your weight loss journey.


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