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How many times have you tried to lose weight and been unsuccessful because your willpower isn’t strong enough to continue?

You know what you’ve got to do to lose weight, but simply cannot control your eating habits or cravings?

We know how tough it can be to lose weight when your willpower disappears, which is why the weight loss doctors and experts at The Slimming Clinic are here to help. At The Slimming Clinic, alongside the support of our weight loss doctors, we are able to offer patients our Weight Loss Pen.

Question we are often asked…

How do I use this Weight loss “Pen”?
The weight loss pen is administered by yourself into the layer of fat under the skin on either your stomach, thigh or upper arm.

Depending on your weight loss requirements, your dedicated Slimming Clinic doctor will discuss exactly how to administer it and how high a dosage of the weight loss medication you will need.

Most often, we start with a low dosage and as your tolerance for the medication increases, we are able to increase your dosage for maximum weight loss effects.

How long will I need to use the weight loss injection for?

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you and your doctor will discuss the amount of time you will need to use the weight loss injection

The weight loss injection is generally tolerated well and can be used over the long-term for safe, effective and sustainable weight loss.

As you begin to near your weight loss goals, you and your Slimming Clinic doctor can begin to discuss your dosage and requirements for further weight loss injection use.

How do I know whether a weight loss injection / this treatment is right for me?
This is your choice to make after your 1-to-1 remote appointment with your Slimming Clinic doctor.

At your appointment, your doctor will discuss every treatment we offer and depending on your requirements and suitability, you are able to select the weight loss injection as your weight loss medication of choice.  

You will be closely monitored by our weight loss doctors to ensure that your medication is offering you safe and sustainable weight loss and proving effective for you to reach your weight loss goals. 

You will also receive regular, 1-to-1 appointments with your Slimming Clinic doctor who will offer you dietary, mindset, movement and lifestyle advice alongside your weight loss medication to ensure you are getting the support and help you need to achieve your weight loss aims.

Our weight loss injection is clinically proven and works by safely controlling your hunger through acting on receptors in the appetite control centre of the brain.

As well as this, the weight loss injection also postpones the emptying of your stomach, causing you to feel fuller quicker and for a longer period of time.

By reducing your appetite the weight loss injection will help you keep to a calorie-controlled diet and achieve your weight loss goals.

Numerous studies have shown that patients using a weight loss injection can lose around 10% body fat, a significant amount of weight, over just 12 weeks of use.

This form of medical weight loss treatment may not be something that you’ve tried before, however it is proven to be effective in not only helping you lose weight as well as keeping it off!

The daily weight loss injection is completely safe for use and when you choose the weight loss injection you and your Slimming Clinic doctor will spend time discussing how it is administered and how it will work alongside your lifestyle changes for sustainable and effective weight loss.

There are minimal side-effects with the weight loss injection, which usually settle within the first weeks of treatment if they occur. Your doctor or medical practitioner will be able to help you manage these if they occur.

From our UK GMC-registered experienced doctors to our nutritionists and movement coaches, for more than 30 years The Slimming Clinic has helped hundreds of thousands of people successfully lose weight and lead happier lives.

Our weight loss programmes are specially selected for you, tailored to meet your unique requirements to help you safely lose weight and maintain the loss, which can be boosted by our weight loss treatment when recommended.


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