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The Slimming Clinic are specialists in medical weight loss programmes that employs a qualified and professional team of weight loss doctors who are there to support you throughout your journey.

Every weight loss doctor at The Slimming Clinic is GMC-registered, meaning all our health professionals are on the UK medical register and are dedicated to medical weight loss treatments to help you achieve your goals.

Our experienced weight loss doctors know that every person that comes to The Slimming Clinic is looking for a unique and tailored approach to their weight loss. They are here to identify and address the reasons why you have gained weight and why you are now looking to improve your health and well-being.

Start your journey with a medical weight loss doctor today.

The way our weight loss doctors approach your journey depends entirely on you and your requirements. This could be through nutrition with weight loss diets, activity for weight loss or approaching your mindset to food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Our weight loss doctors can also prescribe weight loss injections or medication, should you require them.

Through our weight loss programmes, you will get the opportunity to have regular 1-to-1 appointments with our medical weight loss doctors. No matter where you are in your journey, a weight loss professional at The Slimming Clinic will support you with a combination of lifestyle changes and medication, where applicable. This valuable time spent with your weight loss doctor will enable you to lose weight and learn the tools to keep it off forever.

What is a weight loss doctor?
A weight loss doctor is someone who specialises in the treatment of patients who are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.
Every medical weight loss professional you speak to at The Slimming Clinic is knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. They listen and assess every person individually and design a weight loss programme to suit you, your current lifestyle and your health requirements and goals.
What can a weight loss doctor do to help me lose weight?
Unlike other weight loss programmes, a weight loss doctor has the medical training to help you lose weight from a specialist point of view. Where you may have struggled in the past, our weight loss doctors use medically supervised weight loss techniques.

This could be a combination of diet, movement or mindset advice, or can even include the assistance of weight loss injections or medication. As The Slimming Clinic programmes are designed by medical weight loss doctors, they are fully qualified to offer you prescription weight loss medication, where appropriate.

What qualifications does a weight loss doctor have?

Like all doctors in the UK, our weight loss doctors are all qualified doctors and GMC-registered. As well as this, every medical professional we hire to help you is either a specialist in, has received training in or has a keen and active interest in weight loss as a specialism.

This means you can be assured that every doctor you come into contact with at The Slimming Clinic is a professional, caring and compassionate individual who is committed to you and your weight loss success.

What are the benefits of losing weight with a weight loss doctor?

There are many benefits of losing weight with a weight loss doctor, but here are just a few that we believe help hold the key to successful weight loss:

  • 1-to-1 appointments mean you get quality time with a weight loss doctor to discuss your unique needs.
  • Our doctors offer dietary advice, tailored to you and your lifestyle and help promote your healthy eating.
  • By assessing your current abilities, a doctor can help you to increase activity gradually and encourage exercise that suits you.
  • A weight loss professional can prescribe you weight loss medication, if appropriate and required.
  • Help you find the safest and most sustainable approach to your weight loss. Our doctors understand that one size does not fit all.
  • Our doctors work closely with you to improve your willpower and motivation for weight loss and healthy living.
Contact us to enquire about our doctor-led medical weight loss programmes today. Speak with a weight loss doctor and start slimming for good with The Slimming Clinic.
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