Our Weight Loss Treatments

Our weight loss treatments are all designed to ensure you are supported in all aspects of your weight loss journey with The Slimming Clinic.

Depending on your unique requirements and which weight loss programme at home you embark on with The Slimming Clinic, we offer a number of different weight loss treatments at home to ensure your journey remains on track until you reach your goals with us.

Every weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic includes appointments with our friendly, GMC-Registered online weight loss doctors and health practitioners, as well as, where necessary, prescription weight loss medication.

Alongside this, depending on your programme, our weight loss and slimming treatments can include appointments with our expert online weight loss coaches – Dietitians, Movement Coaches, Mind Coaches.

We also invite you to be part of our weight loss app, for you to able to track and log your progress towards your weight loss goals and get support when you need it from our weight loss practitioners.

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Doctor Consultation

All of our weight loss treatments begin with an initial 1-to-1 video consultation with a GMC-registered weight loss doctor to develop an understanding of your needs, your struggles and to ultimately ensure you receive a tailored treatment built around you as an individual.

Our doctors will support you through your entire journey through regular remote appointments via telephone or online.

Prescription Medication

Our weight loss doctors only prescribe medication that is clinically tested and safe to aid you along your weight loss journey, they are assessed based on your medical history and lifestyle.

Medication includes appetite suppressants, weight loss injections and Xenical, and are provided alongside help and support from our weight loss experts.

Supportive Supplements

In some cases, our weight loss doctors will provide supportive supplements designed to work alongside or instead of prescribed appetite suppressants.

Our weight loss supplements include Chromium and GZ12.

Weight Loss App

The purpose of the app is for you to able to track and log your progress towards your weight loss goals and get support when you need it from our weight loss practitioners.

Once you have downloaded the app, you are then able to input your health data daily or weekly, as discussed with your doctor and you can keep track of your weight loss and health progress easily through the app.

By regularly inputting your health data, it also allows our doctors to track your progress on your programme too and ensure you are getting the help you need from us.

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Additional Weight Loss Support from The Slimming Clinic!

Dietitian & Diet Plans

Add in appointments with our expert weight loss dietitians. They will provide you with the knowledge needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet through their expertise in nutrition, health and food intake.

Mind Coaching

Adopting a positive outlook on your weight loss journey will help you to make positive and healthy choices and improve your weight loss motivation. The Slimming Clinic mindset coaches will support you with regular issues such as lack of willpower, belief, over-eating and snacking.

Movement Coaching

Our Movement Coaches help you to change your attitude towards exercise and understand the mental and physical benefits of being active. They understand that every patient’s body is unique so create an exercise plan for you based on your physical abilities, preferences, and other medical factors, and advise how you can include it into your routine, no matter how busy you are.

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