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If you are brand new to The Slimming Clinic, or you’ve not had an appointment with us in over 12 months, your weight loss journey starts with an online Initial Video Consultation with a GMC-registered weight loss doctor.

Our Initial Video Consultations are the most convenient and comprehensive way to start an online weight loss programme you can find.

We know that getting to a location to start your weight loss can be time-consuming and inconvenient and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to lose weight.

If you want to start your weight loss programme as soon as you are ready, you can, with our online Initial Video Consultations with our weight loss doctors!

Your Initial Video Consultation includes:

For just £50 you get all of the following:

Immediate access to 14-days of exclusive weight loss advice, delivered in modules.

Our 14 days of weight loss advice have been devised and written by our weight loss experts in mindset, movement and diet and have all the tips and help they think you’ll need to lose weight successfully.
The best part, as soon as your consultation is booked, you will get access to the weight loss advice, meaning you can start your weight loss right now!


Thorough health and weight loss video consultation with a weight loss doctor.

Spend quality time with a GMC-registered weight loss doctor via your video consultation.
Your doctor will take the time to get to know you and your goals for weight loss and health.
Taking your BMI, weight and blood pressure readings from you, they will discuss how our weight loss programmes will help you achieve your dreams for your wellbeing and weight loss.

Blood Pressure Monitor (where required)

You will need to do a blood pressure reading during your appointment. If you need a blood pressure monitor, we will deliver one to you, as part of your programme cost!

£50 refund*

When you join a 3-month weight loss programme with us after your Initial Video Consultation, you will get your consultation fee REFUNDED off the cost of your online weight loss programme!
*Ts & Cs apply – speak to a member of staff for more details
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Initial Video Consultations FAQs

Why can I only join via Video Consultation?

As a company, we are always looking to make our patient’s weight loss journeys easier. Knowing that patients were struggling to get to physical health assessments, we have reworked the way you join our online weight loss programmes.

The convenience of our new Initial Video Consultation is proving itself with patients finding it easier and quicker to start their weight loss journey.

By having an online video consultation, you don’t have to wait to start losing weight, you can begin today!

Patient care is at the forefront of everything we do, and we have ensured that you will still be appropriately assessed before commencing any weight loss treatments or programmes with us.

What are the benefits of the Initial Video Consultation?
There are numerous benefits to our Initial Video Consultation!

They are convenient, thorough and easy to access for everyone, meaning no travelling to a clinic, no need to worry about having someone to watch your kids, pets or otherwise.

Just like our online weight loss programmes, you can have your Initial Video Consultation wherever you are, as long as you have Wi-Fi/signal, can be stationary for approximately 50 minutes and have access to a device with camera and video call capabilities.

What happens at my Initial Video Consultation?
Your Initial Video Consultation is a chance for you to have a thorough and comprehensive conversation with the doctor about your health, weight and aims for weight loss with The Slimming Clinic.

The doctor will take the time to discuss your lifestyle and health goals, as well as take your blood pressure and weight readings.

They will go through your history and discuss how The Slimming Clinic and our weight loss programmes can be tailored to your lifestyle and requirements.

The doctor will take the time to get to know you and together, design a programme that works for you!

What happens if I need to go for a physical health assessment?
In the event that you need to attend a physical health assessment on our doctor’s recommendation, we will find the closest health assessment centre to you and book you in to have the relevant physical checks required.

From there, you will have a telephone consultation with the doctor, following your health checks, to discuss your lifestyle and health goals and together, you can build a weight loss programme to suit you!

How can I get the £50 off my weight loss programme?
Providing you have not had to attend a physical health assessment check, when you join a 3-month online weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic, you will receive £50 off your programme cost!
Depending on if you choose to pay for your programme up front, or if you pay monthly, will determine how you receive your £50 discount.
If you have had a physical health check at a health assessment centre near you, the £50 cost will cover that health assessment and you will not be eligible for a £50 refund against the cost of your weight loss programme.
Will I receive my £50 refund if I cannot be treated by weight loss tablets?
If you cannot be treated by our weight loss tablet medication, and you can be treated by our Saxenda weight loss injections, but choose not to take Saxenda, we cannot issue you a refund.
If you are deemed clinically unable to be treated by us by a Slimming Clinic doctor with tablet or injection weight loss medication, you will only then receive your £50 refund.

What comes next!

During your Initial Video Consultation, your weight loss doctor will discuss the best weight loss programme for your needs and requirements.

Find out more about our current online weight loss programmes.

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