Our super slimmer Stacie has been keeping us up-to-date about her slimming success with The Slimming Clinic weight loss programs via a fantastic diary! Read her Week 4 instalment below!

Week 4

After a long and stressful week 3 and a slight weight gain I was feeling determined to stick to my weight loss diet and exercise, lose weight and get back on track this week. It also helps to be on approved weight loss medication as the weight will eventually drop if you’re consistent.

More weight loss exercise

Besides sticking to my plan, I made sure I included more gym sessions this week with some cardio as well as weights to begin toning my body. I also went for a walk to add in some extra weight loss exercise. Yes, walking for weight loss is a thing, and it works. When I have more time it makes it so much easier to include these things into my week which in return makes me feel much more awake and happy!

I have found that by getting weight loss exercise back into my weekly routine as encouraged in the weight loss programs it doesn’t make me feel tired, because I am exerting more energy, it actually does the opposite. I feel more awake and alert when I finish a gym session but sometimes it is just having the motivation to go in the first place. I am hoping I can continue to go a few times each week and gradually I will start to feel fitter again as well as seeing my weight drop.

Greater convenience

On Wednesday I had an appointment after work at 5.40pm at The Slimming Clinic in Crawley. I find it so easy and convenient to be able to drive into town and see someone during the evening as working full time can make it difficult to make bookings for certain things when they don’t open later than 5pm. This is part of why I love the weight loss programs run by the The Slimming Clinic.

When I arrived the receptionist was friendly as always and just asked me to take a seat, as I was a little early. Within a minute or so the doctor was ready and called me through. She was also very nice and asked me to take off my shoes to have my weigh in. I was so pleased to see my weight recorded on my card showing I had lost over 5lbs and the doctor was pleased that I had lost this amount over 3 weeks.

She checked my blood pressure which was all fine and asked how I was getting on with the pills, the weight loss diet, and the promoted exercise. I advised that everything was fine and was able to take away the next few weeks worth of weight loss medication. I always find The Slimming Clinic to have such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which makes you feel very welcome.

I didn’t book my next appointment as I wasn’t sure when I would be available to come but it is so easy to call and make a booking so once I know when I am free I will contact the clinic to make another booking.

Self-monitoring is a crucial part of any diet. It’s great to track your weight at home and take measurements etc but it always feels so good when you see your weight loss program doctor and they make note of your loss. I think by going to the clinic for this it gives you even more motivation to carry on.

2 pounds down!

This week I am so pleased to be able to report that I have lost 2 pounds as well as an inch off my waist and an inch off my hips. All those gym sessions and following my weight loss diet are paying off. I still don’t seem to be losing any inches from my chest or thighs but I am hoping by clock in more weight loss exercise so that these areas will reduce slightly. However, my tummy area is where I mainly need to lose the weight anyway.

I am going to work hard over the next few days as at the end of next week I have a long awaited girly weekend to Amsterdam which may be enjoyed with some unhealthy food and drink. I will have to make sure it’s outweighed by all the walking whilst sightseeing, and not forgetting to take my weight loss medication.

You can be part of this too

Aside from a few lucky individuals, most people struggle with weight loss and this can be very frustrating. However, there’s help out there in the form of a weight loss diet if you know where to look. You can join the weight loss programs at The Slimming Clinic and be part of a successful weight loss culture built upon the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and approved weight loss mediation. Give The Slimming Clinic a call through 0800 9179334 or fill this form to book a free weight loss consultation.


See you in week 5!



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