November is the perfect time to focus on your weight loss before Christmas. Knowing that all those festive family get-togethers and Christmas parties are just around the corner is bound to give you that extra push of motivation for your weight loss. Yet it is still far enough away to enable a reachable target.  So set yourself a target weight for Christmas and follow our 5 top tips to help you get there so that you feel fabulous this Festive season…

  1. Join The Slimming Clinic’s Little Black Dress Challenge. Pick up your free tracker card from your local The Slimming Clinic clinic today to participate in the challenge and get into your LBD for the festive parties this Christmas.
  2. Join an indoor class/sports club. While the dark nights are drawing in and with all of this miserable weather, it’s best to make the most of the indoors. There are so many different classes and clubs you can join so you’re bound to find one you enjoy.
  3. It’s the little things that count, so change your milk to skimmed, your juices to low sugar and your crisps (if any) to baked. Small changes make a huge difference.
  4. Make it your challenge for the next 6 weeks to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. If you set yourself this timescale target it won’t sound so intimidating and then you may get into the habit which will then be your way of life. Eating more fruit and vegetables will help fill you up and provide you with the nutrients that your body requires.
  5. Fill up on water. Not only does water hydrate you, it keeps your skin glowing and it can also help fill you up. Down a pint of water before your dinner and you’ll be feeling full before even finishing!

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