So you’d like 2016 to be the year you finally lose weight? Well, rather than just writing ‘lose weight’ on your New Year resolution list, be more specific on how you will go about doing this, that way resolutions are easier to stick to.  Read our suggestions and add three to your resolutions list:

1. This year, tell everyone that you are losing weight. Take the plunge and people can help reinforce your behaviour; create a blog online and tell all of your friends to read it, so that your weight loss is being accounted for.

2. Make a plan and plan for bumps. Those who plan to eat healthier or work out more and don’t prepare for plan B can be disheartened. Ensure a back-up workout for a rainy day if you’ve planned to go for a run, try skipping indoors or plan your back-up when attending a party with a huge, delicious buffet, like the one-plate rule. Those who are prepared, succeed.

3. Believe you can – people who have perceived self-efficacy (the belief that they can accomplish what they set out to do) will perform better that those who don’t. So each day tell yourself you can and will lose weight.

4. Give yourself targets that are reachable with a stretch. Setting aims that are too ambitious can backfire and actually become demotivating.

5. Make yourself a priority – it may sound selfish but make decisions for you. If you are on a diet… don’t have that brownie that your colleague made to be kind – decline politely or take it for ‘later’ and give it to someone else.

6. Remember the deeper meaning of why you’re doing things. You’re not losing weight just to deprive yourself of what you want now, you’re giving yourself what you want in the future…to be more active with your children, to feel happy in your bikini this Summer or to walk up the stairs without feeling breathless. This deeper meaning can help increase focus.

7. Eat slower – it can take up to 20 minutes after the first bite of food before your brain realises that you are full, so slow down. You may find you’ve been eating more than your body actually needs.

8. Join The Slimming Clinic. We are the weight loss that works. If you’ve been thinking about joining us but haven’t yet taken the plunge – this is your year to be part of the The Slimming Clinic Community. Read our successful slimmer stories here, and you too could be one of them.

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