Ever heard the phrase, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day…’ – we bet that most of you have. But did you know that the English playwright John Heywood continued the phrase – ‘…but they were laying bricks every day.’

The main point of the phrase insinuates that good things take time, but you have got to make small progress, or ‘lay bricks’, every day to build the bigger picture!

We couldn’t help but think that this phrase is incredibly relevant when it comes to your weight loss. You might have heard us say a number of times before that those who commit to a weight loss programme long-term, stand more chance of success, and you know, we’re not just saying it for fun!

One of the most crucial parts of weight loss is giving yourself enough time to form new, better lifestyle and healthy eating habits, ‘laying the bricks’, for your weight loss journey.

However, because we are all so very different, the time it takes to form and build new habits can range from a few weeks to a few months and thus, you need to commit to a long term programme to ensure you give yourself the best chance of losing weight.

How many diets have you tried over time?

How many have you been unsuccessful on?

Whatever the reason you were unsuccessful, we can bet it stems back to not allowing yourself the time to build and form the habits you need to successfully drop the pounds for good.

With our weight loss programmes at The Slimming Clinic, we spend time with you finding the right balance of lifestyle, diet, movement and mindset to ensure you are on the best, most sustainable weight loss programme for you.

We don’t prescribe you restrictive meal plans, or over-exerting exercise programmes or tell you what you can and can’t eat, but we do look at you, as a person, and what you want to achieve.

There are 100s of different ways to lose weight but working with you and your lifestyle ensures we are able to find the right one that will work and help you lose weight for good.

But, like all good things, this takes time!

In order to build the very best weight loss programme for you, we need time to work with you, find out what helps you lose weight and is enjoyable and manageable for life.

For example, it might be that fasting helps you lose weight, but makes you low in energy, and isn’t sustainable forever. In this instance, we would use our regular 1-to-1 appointments with you and your feedback to the doctor and experts and devise something else that is more sustainable for you.

But, we need the time to work with you to find this out!

If you try for a month and it doesn’t seem to work and you give up, you will never find out what works for you and you may remain in a constant cycle of gaining and losing weight, which isn’t good for your health.

Giving us time to work with you also gives us more of an insight into your eating and movement habits and enables us to work out what might trigger a lapse on a weight loss journey and what keeps you motivated.

So whilst we know that there is nothing impressive about ‘laying one brick’, or forming one new positive weight loss habit, we do know that eventually, building the bricks up together does lead to greater things in the long term!

The great news is, that we recognise the need to build your weight loss journey brick-by-brick. We know it can take a little while for weight loss results to seem impressive and we are here to support you every step of the way.



This is why we have devised our new Pay As You Slim (PAYS) 3 month offer.

Throughout November, we have been giving you the chance to commit to 3 months of our PAYS weight loss programme (usually £125 per month) for just one upfront payment of £325*, saving you an amazing £50 on your programme price.

As well as thing, as a thank you for committing to your weight loss, as part of the PAYS 3 month offer, we are also giving you FREE Prime – which entitles you to super speedy, secure deliveries and priority booking – meaning you can get an appointment with 24-48 hours of calling us.

Use this month as your chance to commit to your weight loss. We know that December can be tough on a weight loss journey, so use the rest of November to really commit to building the foundations of your weight loss.

Give yourself the best chance to form the habits you need to be successful in weight loss and give us the time to help and support you every step of the way.

But hurry, the offer ends on Monday 30th November 2020, so you don’t have long to take us up on it!

Make a phone call today that could help you build your ‘Rome’. Make the commitment to your weight loss and health now.


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*Ts&Cs apply – please speak to a member of Patient Support for more information.

Have a positive, healthy end to 2020

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