We know that starting a weight loss journey before Christmas might not be your top priority as you may be thinking you might as well wait until January to start on any weight loss diet.

BUT, why wait another 40-or-so days to begin a health journey when you could use those days wisely and be slimmer and healthier for January!

With our Black Friday weight loss savings, we have made it even easier to lose weight before the new year and feel your absolute best *and* get freebies worth £62!

This Black Friday weight loss offer is only around for a very short while, so you’ll need to be quick to get your hands on it!

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How does The Slimming Clinic Black Friday Weight Loss offer work? 

The Slimming Clinic Black Friday weight loss offer works by you committing to your weight loss journey for 3 months or more and paying in full upfront or with PayL8r, and we will send you a FREE box of Leanshake – worth £62!

As well as that, if you pay up front for your weight loss programme, you automatically qualify for a 10% discount on your total programme costs.

On a 3 month programme, that is a saving of at least £40 – maybe more.

That is an offer worth a minimum of £100 to you!

Banner showing The Slimming Clinic Black Friday deal for a FREE box of Leanshake

Why is FREE Leanshake included?

The Leanshake is included in your Black Friday weight loss offer so you can take a treatment break over the festive period, or during December, when you may wish to pause your weight loss medication so you can have an alcoholic beverage or loosen your diet a little.

There are 16 Leanshake sachets in your free box and they are intended to be meal replacements during the festive period to help you continue or maintain your weight loss!

This means if you take 1 shake a day for 16 days, you can maintain your weight loss or you can take 2 a day for 8 days alongside a healthy, balanced diet – meaning you can continue to lose weight over the festive period – it’s completely your choice!


What is Leanshake?

LeanShake is a meal replacement shake that is high in protein and fibre, making it high in satiety, meaning you are fuller for longer, and perfect as a meal replacement for those looking to lose weight, kickstart their weight loss again or maintain their weight loss.

LeanShake is the most complete, nutritional and comprehensive meal replacement shake that you can buy, including ‘well-known’ meal replacement shakes!

LeanShake gives the body an intelligent mix of proteins, fibres, fatty acids, as well as the 25+ vitamins and minerals it needs for weight loss and training – all in a 231-calorie serving.

Backed by science, the LeanShakes provide you with all the nutrition you need to be healthy, whilst containing less calories than a normal meal in order to lose weight and reach your goals.

Dr Charlotte Norton, Chief Medical Officer for The Slimming Clinic explains why Leanshake is so good for weight loss.

“The fantastic news about LeanShake Programmes is that anyone who would like to lose weight, or maintain their weight loss with The Slimming Clinic can take Leanshake.

We can treat everyone who would like to be treated, even if your BMI is lower than 27 and above 25, and even if you are unable to take our weight loss medication – tablet or injection.

We can also offer it to patients who are on a medication break, are plateauing with their weight loss or want a boost at the beginning of their weight loss programme with us.

LeanShakes can be prescribed alongside your weight loss medication, or as a standalone product to help you lose, or maintain weight!”


What will you save this Black Friday?

So, how much will you save this Black Friday with The Slimming Clinic?

With 10% discount on your total programme cost, and FREE Leanshake – you could make savings of at least £100 this Black Friday.

We know it isn’t tradition to start your weight loss programme in November, but who needs tradition when it comes to your weight loss and health!

Book now before all our November appointments are booked up!

Book Now For Black Friday Savings




First Published 21 November 2022. Review Due November 2023.


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