Dr Charlotte Norton

Chief Medical Officer
at The Slimming Clinic

GMC Number: 7139552
MB BS 2011 Kings College London

What inspired you to become a doctor?

I didn’t have an epiphany moment that told me that I wanted to be a doctor. I’ve always known that I like talking to people and getting to know people and I like helping people understand how they can help themselves. So medicine felt like a good fit and working at
The Slimming Clinic, helping to inform patients about how they can take better care of their diet, their lifestyle and improve their overall health each day, just seemed like the right fit and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every day working at The Slimming Clinic since.

What I Love About Working at The Slimming Clinic

For me, the best thing working at The Slimming Clinic is working with such a fantastic team of doctors, nurses and all the other members of our support team that work hard and tirelessly every day to support our patients and to make sure that they have the best possible experience whilst they try to go through a difficult time of losing weight and changing their lives.

Interesting Facts About Me

So, maybe not so much a talent but I brew my own gin so as a hobby at home, I make a little bit of Moonshine gin which is my secret talent.


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