“I lost 5st 7lbs”

Shivon’s Story

Age: 42
Occupation: Administrator
Start Weight: 17st 12lbs
Current Weight: 12st 7lbs
Plan: Pay As You Slim
Clinic: Northampton

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Doctor led personal weight loss

I have struggled with my weight since I became a mother at 19. I now have 5 kids and I love each of them but as life went on, I lost myself and my identity.

I tried many times to lose weight, every fad diet I could afford. I worked out, got to a point of weight loss and then either became pregnant or binged my way back up due to stress eating.

After the birth of my fifth child I tried to lose weight again, but I seemed to lack the control I had when I was younger. I had no willpower and I was coping with my stress in an unhealthy way.

“When I looked in the mirror which I avoided at all costs I didn’t recognize myself, I could not see past the dark circles, bloated face and acne.
I could not do the smallest activity without feeling winded and using my inhaler, my legs were heavy and when I moved, slept or sat down, all I experienced was pain.”
I found the clinic through a Google search for weight loss pills. I was a bit nervous at first because I felt I would be judged by the Doctors and the staff on my first appointment or rejected for some reason.

I was pleasantly surprised as I was received very warmly by the reception and the Doctor listened and took the time to hear my story. They were very attentive and gave very good advice alongside the medication which was only prescribed after a detailed assessment. I felt safe and more confident about my decision. The staff at Northampton were very much like my own cheerleading squad. Every appointment, every weigh in was met with positivity and motivation.

With the weight gone I am up for any adventure, I enjoy life and I am happy to be seen. I feel beautiful and I recognize myself. A light has gone on in my head and I feel amazing. I am a better mother. I am so much happier.

“I no longer have ANY of the health issues I had before and there is almost nothing I can’t do.
The most important factor in my weight loss is the support of my family, friends and the clinic.
I could not have done it without them.”

Shivon’s Slimming Tips

1. Be kind to yourself.
2. Reward the small victories, they eventually become great ones.
3. Substitutes are for life, there are some things I will never eat again like full fat ice cream. So when you make a diet change make sure you can maintain it for life.

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