“I lost 5st 10lbs”

Louise’s Story

Age: 47
Occupation: Admin Assistant
Start Weight: 15st 3lbs
Current Weight: 9st 6lbs
Plan: Pay As You Slim
Clinic: Glasgow

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Doctor led personal weight loss

When I was younger and more active it never got too bad, but as I approached 40 and became more sedentary, my weight went up steadily year after year.

I hated that I was constantly expanding out of clothes I liked, and my confidence dropped as my weight rose.

I felt ashamed and self-conscious, and like I was taking up too much space all the time. I couldn’t run for a bus.

“I looked online for alternatives and came across a recommendation for The Slimming Clinic.”
I was nervous about my first appointment – I had always avoided slimming groups because I felt so embarrassed by my weight and lack of willpower – but the staff were so kind and understanding.

They were also so positive and encouraging about me actually being capable of achieving weight loss, something I realised I had lost hope about.

The medication I was prescribed made such a difference to my willpower. I felt freed from a constant gnawing awareness of food – of how long it was till I could next eat, and what I was going to eat. I was amazed to find that an hour could go by without me thinking about eating once!

“With so much positive reinforcement, keeping going has been easy, and I feel confident about maintaining my weight loss.”

Louise’s Slimming Tips

1. Weigh out a reasonable portion to cook.
2. Any amount of weight comes off 1 pound at a time.
3. I remember the miseries that being obese brought with it. No fleeting pleasure from a bar of chocolate is worth that.

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