“I lost 2st 7lbs”

Lauren’s Story

Age: 31
Occupation: Full Time Mum
Start Weight: 15st 13lbs
Current Weight: 13st 5lbs
Plan: Pay As You Slim
Clinic: Gillingham

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Doctor led personal weight loss

I decided that I wanted to lose weight to get my identity back.

At my biggest, I got fed up of wearing clothes that I had to wear because of my weight rather than clothes that I wanted to wear.

I had lost so much confidence and pride and I had no motivation to do my makeup and hair, I had got stuck in a rut and saw no way out of how I was feeling.

“My journey with The Slimming Clinic has been brilliant. They have given me so much support and advice.”
I had heard about The Slimming Clinic through my sister in law. Her sister attends The Slimming Clinic in Newcastle.

Her sister told me how losing weight was actually enjoyable rather than a struggle with the clinic and that she just didn’t feel hungry and her cravings had reduced.

After seeing her results and that her lost weight was actually staying off it, was hard not to be even more interested. So, I took the leap and not looked back and I intend to keep it that way. Joining The Slimming Clinic was the best thing I’ve ever done.

“Since losing weight with The Slimming Clinic, there have been so many benefits. The best things are that I am able to run about with my kids and not struggle for breath or find that my legs ache and are sore.”

Lauren’s Slimming Tips

1. Patience. Losing weight takes time, there is no quick fix. Every loss is another step closer whether it be big or small.
2. Be strong. Don’t give in, keep positive. You will only feel worse if you do and at the end you will see the best reward.
3. Don’t starve yourself. Starving yourself really won’t work. You will end up tired and reaching for the snacks. 3 meals, water, fruit, portion control.

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