“I lost 4st 11lbs”

Amber’s Story

Age: 27

Occupation: Customer Service Advisor

Start Weight: 15st 5lbs

Current Weight: 10st 8lbs

Plan: Pay As You Slim

Clinic: Gillingham

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Doctor led personal weight loss

I made the decision to lose weight after I was finding just getting out of bed tiring.

The final straw was when I saw a picture of myself at a table of people and saw how big I looked compared to everyone else. I knew I had to lose weight!

I have struggled with my weight my whole life and have only managed to slim down once, but it didn’t last. I was previously 17 stone and I was nearly there again when I started with The Slimming Clinic, and I knew I had to do something.

“I have felt so supported and welcomed by both the Doctor and the ladies in the Gillingham clinic. They always want to encourage and reassure you and they genuinely want you to do well and feel better!”

When I have previously tried to lose weight, I found I was hungry and tired all the time and found it really hard to find the energy and willpower to carry on with the diet I was on.

This made it so hard getting into exercise as I was drained. The only time I did manage to lose weight I did it unhealthily and couldn’t keep it off in the long run.

“I have a whole new confidence and I can now dress for my age, rather than trying to just get something to fit and having to buy it.”

Amber’s Slimming Tips

1. Never tell yourself you can’t have something, with The Slimming Clinic you can have anything in moderation. 
2. Start of making small adjustments, work out what you don’t miss. I.e. the calories you drink – fizzy drinks.
3. Make yourself aware how many calories are in things – there are so many hidden calories in things you would think about, like coffees!

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