“I lost 9st 9lbs”

Amanda’s Story

Age: 38

Occupation: AFCB Service Support

Start Weight: 20st 10lbs

Current Weight: 11st 1lbs

Plan: Pay As You Slim

Clinic: Bournemouth

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I decided I needed to do something about my weight after suffering years of health issues, such as pain in my knees, just from standing up from a chair and struggling to breathe just from walking upstairs.

My weight had also started affecting my confidence too, particularly at work, where I work as Service Support at AFC Bournemouth. Working for a Premier League football team, you have to be outgoing and able to talk to lots of people. At my heaviest, it was a struggle as I had such low self-esteem.


“I can now look after my son and run around after my very energetic 3-year-old too! Something I couldn’t do before at almost 21 stone.”

I joined The Slimming Clinic in Bournemouth as my mum had been going to clinic and was doing really well on her weight loss journey. The best thing about slimming with my mum is that if one of us is having a bad day, we can message each other and get encouragement and motivation.

I find since losing weight, there are so many more positives in my life. People approach me more at work, and I am much more confident in helping them too. I don’t feel embarrassed or like I want to hide away.

I can also sleep much better. I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated by the extra weight I am carrying around my middle.

“My family and friends are so proud of how well I have done on my weight loss journey – they can’t believe how much I’ve lost!”

Amanda’s Slimming Tips

1. Drink lots of water, as in the past, that had been my downfall.
2. Eat something in the morning. I don’t really like breakfast, so I have some fruit mid-morning.
3. Plan what you are going to eat for the day/week, or if not, keep a food diary of everything you eat.

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