With temptation in every shop you walk into and on every TV advert, Easter can be a dietary nightmare for anyone trying to watch their weight or whom is on a diet. Therefore, we have put together tips to help you watch your weight over the Easter period:

  • The more expensive and fancier the egg, the higher the calorie count. For example, a luxury Thornton’s egg can set slimmers back up to 1,715 calories (nearly your whole days calorie allowance) whilst a Cadbury’s egg is almost half that at just 860 or less. The luxury eggs contain more chocolate and thicker shells – and are usually much bigger.
  • Cadburys and Nestle eggs are usually lower calories as they contain a hollow egg.
  • Why not try plain chocolate rather than milk chocolate? Plain chocolate contains more heart-healthy flavonoids and the more intense flavour will better satisfy your taste buds so you won’t want to eat as much.
  • Keep you chocolate eggs in the fridge as not only will it stop you constantly nibbling but chilled chocolate lasts longer in your mouth.
  • Why not swap your chocolate egg for a boiled egg? A boiled egg has around 155 calories compared to chocolate eggs which have over 800!
  • Work those calories off. After indulging in your Easter eggs why not enjoy the sunny Spring weather and go for a walk or jog to work off those added calories.
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