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We are all presently dealing with a very different way of life and one that, for most of us, has been quite a shock to the system. It can be difficult to plan ahead as there are still currently no exact timescales of how long isolation may continue for so time management is really important here as well as also learning to live in the ‘here and now’.

Whether you are able to work from home, currently unable to work, or have children off school there is a need to adapt, reorganise life and continue with some form of management over your time throughout the day.

To do lists are great but fitting these into days of the week and then hours within the day is even better. Plan the day in advance, even if it’s the evening before.

It means we are accomplishing our daily goals and achievements which will ensure we feel more energised and less sluggish. There is often an amazing feeling we can get from the simple act of being able to cross out everything we have managed to achieve that day.

Ensure daily goals are manageable and they are not all based around mundane activities and chores so ensure you fit in all the enjoyable things too – spending time with the kids, FaceTiming friends, exercising or anything you didn’t have the time for previously as now is your chance to do it!

If you find yourself eating mindlessly then become aware of what you’re doing and why. Ask yourself if this is linked to anxiety, boredom, loneliness, sadness etc and if so, think about how you can find the best distraction/replacement to stop this becoming habit and steer yourself away from emotional eating.

Try writing down everything you eat, and how you felt when you ate it, this should soon show you the link between your emotions and eating, and how best you can tackle it!

Andrea, Mind Coach at The Slimming Clinic

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