Do you have a work party coming up? Are you worried you will blow all your hard work in one night?!

Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty for enjoying a good Christmas party! It’s absolutely possible to keep your diet on track.

Dinner Time- Chose Wisely

We recommend having a light healthy snack before you go out; this will stop you from over doing it with appetisers and mindless eating. It’s most likely you’ll be given a set menu, so always opt for the healthiest option.

Check out to see if there’s a vegetarian option, but make sure it’s healthy! If there are only unhealthy options, just make sure you fill up on vegetables to help fill you up.

Portion Practice

The portion sizes of a main course at restaurants are usually more than enough to fill you up. Make sure you eat your meal slowly; this will help your body to tell you when you’re full so you won’t overeat!

Remember- you don’t need to finish everything off you plate.

That doesn’t mean that you’re going to waste food; just simply ask to have your left over food put into a doggie bag.

Responsible Drinking

Plan ahead. Set yourself a limit to how much you want to allow yourself to drink.

A 175ml glass of white wine is around 160 calories. Switch this to a glass of prosecco and that’s just 80 calories, so it won’t do too much damage to your diet.

What to avoid?

Try to avoid mixed drinks; sweet cocktails have more empty calories from the fat and sugar! They’re also served in larger portions. A pina colada can cost you up to 600 calories and is high is sugar! If you’re still looking for something sweet, maybe order a mojito instead for only 168 calories?

Dessert Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t worry; we won’t convince you to skip dessert.

If there’s a healthy option, such as fruit (that’s not dipped in syrup), always opt for that, but it may be likely the dessert options won’t be healthy. If so, then it’s okay!

You can treat yourself, but don’t eat it for the sake of it! If you’re full after a few bites, stop!

Dance The Calories Away!

You would never have guessed that your night out can end with an amazing work out. Did you know that 30 minutes of dancing can burn 300 calories! So use the dance floor as your own workout space!

You’ve been working so hard on your diet, so you deserve to have a great night at this year’s Christmas party. Even if it means an extra hour’s workout session the next day!

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*If you’re on any of our prescription tablets, you cannot drink alcohol.




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