This month’s slimming superstar is Siobhan

Total Weight Loss: 3 stone 10 pounds

“I’ve always struggled with losing weight; everyone would always say “you’re always on a diet!” Before having my son I was a healthy weight; attending the gym and having a personal trainer whom I had classes with 3 days a week before I went to work. I went to these classes until I was 12 weeks pregnant. I maintained a good weight through my pregnancy; it wasn’t till after I started to gain weight fast. I couldn’t go to my gym with a baby so I ended up going out for dinner with friends, mainly my sister. I would say this is the last time but I always ended up going back. Or I would have my sister to stay and we would order a Chinese or chippy rather than cooking.”


“A few of my friends had joined and I could see a difference in them. I was so desperate to change but I was just being lazy. The convenience of being able to phone somewhere and not having to decide what to make my son and sister as they are fussy eaters – even if I did cook a couple hours later they would order something making it hard for me to stay on track! I have tried many diets before and they’ve never worked. I would lose weight for the first couple of weeks but then put on more after still eating the same. I gave up hope and didn’t think any diet would help me. However, after trying The Slimming Clinic I can say this was the easiest diet to stick to. Eating healthier is not as hard as I first thought. I swapped unhealthy snacks to fruit; I have never eaten so much fruit in my life! I enjoy it now whereas before it felt like such a chore. To think I spent 100’s of pounds on different high street diets that never worked when I could have just done this! I have never been this size in my life and for as long as I can remember I have always been on a diet, never being happy with my weight and now here I am. I don’t call this a diet because it doesn’t feel like one. I enjoy what I eat but now have smaller portion sizes and have cut out the junk food. I occasionally have a takeaway but I still manage to stay on track. I wish I joined the clinic sooner because ever since joining I have become a lot healthier and happier. I go out more and I have so much more confidence. A lot of my friends and family have joined because they can’t believe the change.”

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