This month’s slimming superstar is Paris

Total Weight Loss: 5 stone 3 pounds

“From being a teenager I had always been on the larger side, battling with my weight over the years. I slimmed down at 18, and stayed this way until I became pregnant in 2011. With pregnancy came the weight, gaining 4 stone throughout my pregnancy. After having my daughter my focus was on nursing her and being the best mother I could be for her. As she became more active, I realised I wasn’t able to keep up with her as much as I had thought or had hoped, so in January 2014 I decided I needed to slim down in order to keep up with my very active 2 year old. After a year of slimming down with Slimming world and exercise, I had plateaued at 12 stone and was extremely happy with this, so I just carried on eating well, but not focusing on losing weight. I led a very active life in 2015, so felt no real need to focus so much on my weight as I had before.”

“Unfortunately at the beginning of 2016, my beloved Dad suddenly passed away, this is when my life went down hill and my weight increased and my clothes sizes went up too. After Dad passed I turned to food and wine to mask my pain and grief of losing my Dad, every meal was junk food and a bottle of wine on a nightly basis began to take its toll on my weight. I didn’t care how much I weighed or how big I looked – depression and grief had struck and I needed to numb the feelings of pain and loss, the only way I knew how via eating and drinking. It wasn’t until after the anniversary of my Dad’s death when it finally hit me that enough was enough, food and wine were not going to help me fight the depression or bring my dad back to us. In one year I had put on 4.5 stone I looked and felt disgusting, and I knew my Dad would be so disappointed in what I was doing to myself. February 2017 I decided to re-join the The Slimming Clinic in Hounslow and haven’t looked back ever since- in my first week I lost 7lbs! Every week since starting with The Slimming Clinic I have had a weight loss. I look forward to weigh in every week, the staff at the clinic especially Zara (the receptionist) are so warm, welcoming and make my weight loss journey motivating with their positivity and encouragement.”

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