Resistance bands are great cost-effective way to work out and can be adapted to all abilities and fitness levels.

Using them offers a strength-based workout without having to use heavy hand weights and because they come in different strength resistances, it means you can make your workout as easy or hard as you like.

When performing these exercises, try 8 – 12 repetitions of each, 1 – 3 sets of all of them, with 30 – 60 seconds rest between each exercise.

As with any exercise, if you feel pain, stop your exercise immediately. 

Biceps Curl
• Standing upright on the middle of the tubing both ends with your arms straight.
• Raise your arms keeping your arms by your side, and lower your arms back into a straight position.
• Repeat this for the required reps.


Reverse Chest Fly
• Place both your wrists inside the resistance band and set your arms shoulder width apart.
• With your elbows at right angles and keeping your back straight while engaging your abdominal muscles, move arms away from each other keeping them in a right angle.
• Keeping the hold between 1-2 seconds and then returning to starting position.

Glute Bridge
• Place band just below knees. Lie face-up with knees bent, feet hip-width apart, and arms resting at sides.
• Press into the heels of feet to lift hips up, forming a straight line from knees to head.
• Slowly lower hips back down keeping the hold between 1-2 seconds and then returning to starting position.

Leg Raises
• Start by lying down on your left hand to support your head. You want to have some contact from your elbow through your abdominals and along your leg to create a platform.
• Placing the resistance band around your leg just below the knee.
• Raise up your right leg against resistance of your left leg.
• Keeping the hold between 1-2 seconds and then returning to starting position.

Side Step Squat
• Placing the resistance bands around your legs just above your ankles bend your knees with your feet about hip width apart to start.
• In a squatting position brace your core, and step across to either your left or right that will add resistance against the opposite leg and the external area of the directional leg.
• This is a good adduction and abduction exercise.
• Keeping the hold between 1-2 seconds and then continue

Reverse Crunch Splits
• Lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet hovering above the floor, hip-width apart.
• Place the resistance band around your knees.
• Raise your knees hinging at your hips and bring towards your chest.
• Return back to the starting position trying not to put your feet on the floor for the combination of this movement.

If you’d like more guidance on what activities you should be doing, come in and see The Slimming Clinic Doctor, who can give you personalised advice on what will work for you.

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