As part of our commitment to you and our desire to see you succeed, we have introduced Pay As You Slim.  This programme enables us to make sure you are treated consistently, effectively and safely.

Research shows that those who commit to a weight loss programme lose more each week and reach their goals in a shorter space of time.

Therefore, our new programme is designed to give you the best chance to succeed in your weight loss journey. Pay As You Slim is a monthly payment plan that means we can offer more care, attention and support to you and help get you to your goals faster.

Pay As You Slim plan means you can buy your medication 4 weeks in advance and benefit from weekly weigh-ins alongside ongoing support from our clinic doctors and your local clinic team.

Our new Pay As You Slim programme includes:

  • Check your BMI
  • Measure your waist to hip ratio
  • Measure your body fat %
  • Measure your % body water
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Check your heart rate
  • Check your heart sound
  • Check your lung health
  • Check your thyroid glands

The introduction of our new programme replaces our current pay weekly payment programme and gives you a better opportunity to reach the aims you came to us to achieve in the first place.

Or, book an appointment today with one of our fantastic qualified in-clinic doctors. 


The FIRST STEP to becoming the NEW YOU is the hardest.

Check your BMI Now and then let us HELP you the rest of the way