On Tuesday we organised a photoshoot for 3 of our fabulous slimmers to showcase their new slimmed down bodies.

In total these three super slimmers (Sarah, Rachel and Lisa) have lost a total of 20 stone between them. Here at The Slimming Clinic we could not be prouder of all three ladies.

Lisa truly believes The Slimming Clinic has changed her life for the better, ‘Thank you so much for my little bit of magic in a bottle. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and the will and want to continue to lose the weight, to become healthier and give me the freedom to do anything I want without the weight restricting me. I now go to Zumba classes twice a week and am even on stage with the instructor! I love it, it makes me smile even though I struggled at first, I now feel so fit and lean and the ladies there always comment about how much I have changed!  I have made a lovely friend who has convinced me to buy a bike and we now go out cycling and can ride 20 miles, I never thought I would be able to do this in a million years, and it just shows, will power and training your own mind to eat sensibly with a little help and exercise, can make the world of difference.’

We cannot wait for our next The Slimming Clinic photoshoot in September!

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