You’ve nearly finished all the parties and good food this festive season without totally spoiling your healthy eating. Now it’s all about New Year’s celebrations! So try not to spoil your hard work of dieting and exercising before the new year even begins!

Staying in?

Staying home is not only a great way to save money but also keeps you away from high calories and excessive drinking. Nonetheless, we all have a stash of takeaway leaflets in our kitchen draws.

If you decided that you’ll be cooking, that’s great! Home cooking is the healthiest option. However, plan ahead!

Planning what you’ll cook on the day is an easy way to ensure your meal has variety. You’ll be surprised what you can whip up from ingredients in your food cupboard. Wholesome meals such as tuna pasta bake or a simple paella can be made quickly.

Don’t Skip Meals!

You may feel tempted to skip lunch if you plan to go out for the evening. This ultimately leads to more eating…more calories! The number 1 rule is to always have a healthy snack before entering the party.

Beat the Buffet Binging

This may be quite the danger zone if you’re like most people at buffets and over fill your plate with foods you aren’t craving for or even like!

  • Slow down. Take your time to finish the food on your plate, this way you will feel fuller quicker.
  • Fill your plate with vegetables. This will help steer you away from the high calorie foods.


Make sure you eat before you start drinking. When you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol will absorb quicker. Eat foods rich in lean protein to slow down the absorption.

Be aware of how different places serve different sizes of drinks. It’s found that many bars and restaurant sometimes pour more that the standard portions.

It’s all about moderation. A 175ml glass of white wine is only 160 calories, with dry white wines such as pinot grigio containing less sugar. If gin and tonic is more your style, then swap it with a gin and slimline tonic to save 40 calories, or you can leave the alcohol and stick to a sparkling water.

You don’t have to completely restrict yourself this New Year’s Eve. There’s no need to make sacrifices, just minor adjustments and your hard work won’t go to waste!

If you’re struggling to lose weight and need extra support, The Slimming Clinic provide medical weight loss programmes by experienced doctors. For more information call us on 0800 9179334 or click here.


*If you’re on any of our prescription tablets, you cannot drink alcohol.


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