You’ve just survived the most calorific season of the year, now it’s time to go on the path that will help you get closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

You may think that this means putting yourself on an extreme ‘new year diet’, but actually just changing common daily habits can help with weight loss. There is no excuse to avoid these!

Unhealthy habits we all do but may not seem bad for us include:

Lack of Sleep

You’ve worked so hard to make sure you’ve exercised enough times a week, but how are you supposed to carry out your workout routines when you are constantly tired from not getting a full 8 hours of sleep your body needs?

Dieters find themselves not eating proper meals and putting off exercise from lack of sleep. This may seem like a minor habit, but this can actually lead you away from your weight loss goals.

The hardest thing for a dieter is the constant cravings and not getting enough sleep can increase them!

Skipping Meals!

Don’t be lazy, make yourself a packed lunch if you’re out all day. Skipping a meal will make your more hungry, which only leads to more eating and poor food choices.

Skipping meals can eventually lead to worse weight gain. Your metabolism gradually slows down, so the food you consume won’t be burned off so easy. This is why at The Slimming Clinic we say a big NO to skipping meals, especially breakfast!

Lose weight safely. Make sure you eat 3 proper meals a day with a light snack; this will prevent you from binging on junk food.

Not Moving Enough!

Just simple acts like taking the stairs everyday instead of the lift will make a difference! It gets better, not only are you burning calories going up the stairs but down the stairs too! Moving around more during the day is a great way to maintain a healthy weight.

Why not enjoy a nice breezy walk instead of taking your car? Not only will you burn off calories but you’re saving petrol too!  Going for a short walk everyday can be so refreshing but also strengthens your heart and controls your blood pressure.

Just a speedy 15 minute walk can burn off 60 calories!

Mindless Eating!

This is sadly a common habit that’s hard to avoid.

People quickly consume high amounts of calories just because they’re bored. Typical things such as a Galaxy chocolate bar at your desk adds to 545 calories, but when you’re on autopilot, you won’t even realise what you’re doing to yourself!

So dear dieters, please stick to your 3 meals a day, with a light snack in between. These meals should be lean, full of protein and veggies. Don’t be mistaken, ready meals do not count! Eating ready meals won’t give your body the nutritional quality compared to homemade meals.

Large Portions!

No one sits at the table consciously deciding how much they’re going to exactly eat with a full plate in front of them. Although we may be eating a healthy meal, have you ever considered you are eating too much?

Studies have shown that simple tricks like eating off a smaller plate can give you the illusion to feel fuller.

Many people consume more food than their bodies actually need, this also effects things such as recommended fat and sugar intake. Just think, a man and women at a restaurant will be served the same portion, but they require a different set of daily intakes of calories and nutritional needs.

At The Slimming Clinic, we offer a calculator to work out how many calories you need to consume everyday. Not only is gender a factor, but your age, height and weight. Find out more here.

A healthier new year isn’t just about eating vegetables and going to the gym. You need to have a healthy lifestyle and cut off those bad habits. If you are struggling with your diet, why not try The Slimming Clinic’ SlimSlim Slimming Aid to control your appetite by reducing hunger. We also offer Carb Blocker tablets with white kidney bean extract that helps reduce the absorption of carbohydrates. To browse more products to help you on your weight loss journey, click here.