Get 10% Discount on your weight loss programme this January when you commit to your weight loss with The Slimming Clinic.

Throughout January, when you join or renew a weight loss programme with us at The Slimming Clinic, you will be entitled to receive 10% off your programme, simply by paying for your programme upfront!

What’s even better is, the longer you sign up for, the more you save!

So, if you’ve been thinking about really committing to your health and weight loss in 2021, there is no better time than now to do it and get savings for doing so!

We are only offering this brilliant 10% discount for January, so in order to benefit from it, get in contact with us today and find out how much you can save on your weight loss over the coming months.

How does the promotion work?
The promotion works by offering 10% on all weight loss programmes, when you pay upfront.

For example, if you wish to join Transform for 6 months, and you can pay up front for those 6 months, you will receive 10% discount on the TOTAL 6 monthly cost.

If, however, you only wish to pay for 3 months upfront, you will only get the 10% discount on the first 3 months.

What if I leave the programme?
If you choose to leave the programme, you forfeit the right to any refunds, if you have paid upfront and choose not to continue treatment with The Slimming Clinic.

If you are deemed unsuitable for treatment by a doctor or expert from The Slimming Clinic once starting a weight loss programme, refunds will be reviewed by The Slimming Clinic on an individual basis.

Is there a minimum term I need to sign up for to get this offer?
You can renew or join our PAYS, i-Change or Transform programme for a minimum of 3 months.
When having appointments with your Slimming Clinic doctor, they will discuss the recommended time they think you will need on a weight loss programme with us in order to reach your health and weight loss goals.
From there, you can decide how long would be a suitable treatment term and pay up front for the term.
How long will it take to reach my weight loss goals?
Everyone is different so we cannot tell you how long it will take to reach your goal.
At The Slimming Clinic, we typically aim for weight losses of about 1-2lbs per week, but some weeks it may be more and some weeks it could be less.
If you know what your goal weight is, then you can work out how long it would take to reach using the 1-2lbs we recommend per week for healthy, sustainable weight loss.
If you have not reached your goal by the end of your weight loss programme term, you can continue to enjoy the programmes at the normal listed price of the programme.
What if I don’t pay up front for the programme?
In this case, you will pay the normal monthly direct debit cost of the weight loss programmes, which currently are:

Programme First Month Price Ongoing Monthly Price
PAYS £125 £125
i-Change £285 £150
Transform £485 £350
What is the benefit of committing to weight loss, and not just going month-to-month?
One of the most crucial parts of weight loss is giving yourself enough time to form new, better lifestyle and healthy eating habits for your weight loss journey.

However, because we are all so very different, the time it takes to form and build new habits can range from a few weeks to a few months and thus, you need to commit to a long-term programme to ensure you give yourself the best chance of losing weight and keeping it off.

To build the very best weight loss programme for you and ensure you are progressing, we need time to work with you, find out what helps you lose weight and is enjoyable and manageable for life.

Giving us time to work with you gives us more of an insight into your eating and movement habits and enables us to work out what might trigger a lapse on a weight loss journey and what keeps you motivated.

Committing to your weight loss long-term means you are more likely to lose weight consistently, and then keep it off, even once you have reached your goals.


  1. In all instances, whether programmes are undertaken monthly or paid upfront, the minimum term is 3 months.
  2. Refund are only given in cases medical unsuitability.
  3. Full T&Cs are available here
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