The Slimming Clinic weight loss app

The Slimming Clinic weight loss app is designed to support your weight loss and help you reach your goals safely, effectively and quicker.

Develop healthier eating habits, learn how to live a balanced lifestyle and get more help from our weight loss doctors than ever before with our app!

Input your daily or weekly health readings as agreed with your Slimming Clinic weight loss doctor and get real-time feedback and messages of motivation from them when you do!

They can also contact you if they are concerned about any of the readings you submit, or just want to tell you what a fantastic job you are doing. We’ll also be able to hold appointments through the app – making contacting us even easier, and support just a few clicks away.

Our brand-new app will also make getting your treatment repeat prescriptions easier – simply fill in a few health details and your treatments will be prescribed and sent to your door!

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If this isn’t enough, as part of our weight loss app, we will be introducing downloadable Patient Pathways.

Patient Pathways are designed to support your weight loss better than ever before. They are medical and lifestyle support modules, written by our team of experts in specialist areas that can affect you reaching your weight loss goals.

Full of advice and support, these pathways are split into manageable chunks of information that combine learning and activities that you can do to get your weight loss on track and reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Your Patient Pathways make your weight loss journey as unique as you are. You can add as many Patient Pathways to your Slimming Clinic app as you need and whenever you need them!


Patient Pathway subjects confirmed for 2022:


Weight Loss Tablets


Weight Loss Injections


Weight Loss Plateau Support


Quick Start Support


Shift Worker Support


Vegan Support


Menopause Support


IBS Support


Self-Care Support


Sleep Support


12 Week Big Day Countdown


Hydration Support

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