Reach your weight loss goals with The Slimming Clinic

Start your weight loss journey today for just £50*!

If weight loss were easy, we would all be healthy! 

However, at The Slimming Clinic, we know that it can be hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI and weight.

That is why all the medical weight loss programmes we offer at The Slimming Clinic are designed by weight loss doctors, tailored around the individual you are and what you want to achieve.

Every weight loss programme at The Slimming Clinic is bespoke because we understand that every patient’s weight loss requirements are different.

Many patients who come to us at The Slimming Clinic have tried ‘normal’ weight loss programmes before, but haven’t been successful.

This time, we want you to reach your weight loss goals and stay there for life.
Book & Pay For Your Initial Video Consultation Now!

Book & Pay For Your Initial Video Consultation Now!

How Can I Get Started With My Weight Loss Journey?

Getting started with your weight loss journey could not be easier

Your weight loss journey with The Slimming Clinic starts with a 50-minute Initial Video Consultation with a GMC-registered weight loss doctor – for just £50 – which is fully refundable!*

Our Initial Video Consultations offer incredible value for money and give you an invaluable insight into your health and overall well-being, as well as quality time with a weight loss doctor.

We know you are ready to get going on your weight loss journey, as you are here on our website.

The full benefits you get for your £50 Initial Consultation:

  • Comprehensive online video consultation with your weight loss doctor – to help you find the best weight loss programme, treatments and benefits for you. 
  • Immediate access to our 14-day Facebook group or Patient Pathway via our app, which has every piece of advice we think you need to have the best start to your weight loss journey.
  • Blood pressure monitor, where applicable.
  • *£50 consultation fee refunded when you join an online weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic.

Why Do I Need An Initial Video Consultation?

You need an Initial Video Consultation with The Slimming Clinic because we believe that one of the most fundamental parts of weight loss is to start your journey feeling confident, supported and ready to begin.

We believe that this comes from having had a comprehensive video conversation about your health and wellbeing with an expert weight loss doctor and finding what works for you, based on your lifestyle and needs.

As well as this, we want to make sure you have been equipped with the knowledge and tools to be successful from the day you start an online weight loss programme with us at The Slimming Clinic.

For just £50, you can have all that, and start the final weight loss programme you will ever need to go on.
Imagine who you could be in a few short months if you book and pay for your Initial Video Consultation today?
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How Can I Lose Weight For Good?

You can lose weight for good with The Slimming Clinic online weight loss programmes.

At The Slimming Clinic, we know how hard weight loss can be. Most of our patients have tried weight loss before and been unsuccessful, or regained weight they have lost.

This is because they are not getting tailored weight loss support from medical experts.

All our weight loss programmes are overseen by weight loss doctors, experts in the field of obesity and overweight, who tailor your weight loss programme to your lifestyle and requirements.
And we have thousands of weight loss success stories to show just how simple weight loss is with The Slimming Clinic.

You can read more about our success stories here:
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Is Weight Loss Hard With The Slimming Clinic?

No, weight loss isn’t hard with The Slimming Clinic!

We work with you, introducing small, manageable changes to your life that see you achieving realistic results with your weight loss.

As well as this, because your care is overseen by our weight loss doctors, it means we can take care of your health too.
Focusing on the areas of your health you are concerned about, we work with you to get yourself back to full health, alongside your weight loss.

That’s why we let you build your own doctor-led weight loss programme based on what you need help with.

All our online weight loss programmes include regular remote appointments with our specialist team of medical practitioners, to ensure you get the support you need, when you need it and to ensure we are offering you the most tailored weight loss programme for you.

Your journey can start today, with The Slimming Clinic!
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