Quick Start is our 7 day weight loss plan designed to set off your weight loss journey with the very best advice from our GMC-registered medical doctors, highly qualified dietitians and supportive mind & movement coaches. Start your 7 day weight loss programme with The Slimming Clinic today for only £44*.

Our Quick Start 7-day weight loss plan

£44*. 1 month commitment.

We understand that starting a weight loss programme and knowing how to improve your health can seem like a big step. Knowing where and how to start improving your health and weight can seem daunting. Our team of medical experts can help you achieve completely safe, quick and healthy weight loss, whilst offering the tools you need to continue losing weight for long-term success. We are dedicated to make starting your weight loss journey simple, easy and equipped with the support you need.

Our Quick Start 7-day weight loss programme is available at a selection of our CQC-regulated clinics, ensuring you set off on your weight loss journey with the very best personalised advice. We know that everyone who comes to our clinics is unique, and that means your weight loss programme needs to be unique too.

Quick Start is your introductory chance to meet with all our weight loss experts –  Doctor, Movement and Mind Coaches and Dietitian, who will give you 7 days-worth of tailored, personalised weight loss advice on a 1-to-1 basis. All the advice and support you will receive is based on your lifestyle and weight loss and health goals. With our completely tailored and professional support, we can help you lose weight in 7 days and beyond.

If you are receiving your programme remotely, there will be an additional postage cost of £8.25 for each package of treatments you receive.

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**Please note individual results may vary & these results are not guaranteed.
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​The Quick Start 7-day weight loss programme includes:


45 minute, 1-to-1 appointment with our Doctor

​Working with one of our friendly Doctors, you can investigate medical reasons that may have caused your weight gain. You’ll also discuss how The Slimming Clinic will help you change habits to lose weight sustainably with careful monitoring and continued support.


45 minute, 1-to-1 appointment with our Dietitian

​Get to the root of your eating habits and review how, what and when you eat. Working with the Dietitian, you will find out ways to improve your diet without starvation or making unattainable changes.


45 minute, 1-to-1 appointment with our Movement Coach

No matter your current activity levels and abilities, your appointment with the Movement Coach will look at simple and effective ways to increase your exercise levels based on your abilities.


45 minute, 1-to-1 appointment with our Mind Coach

One of our Mind Coaches will help you learn ways to break the negative mindset cycle when it comes to weight loss. Within your 7 day fast weight loss plan, they will offer effective coping techniques to help you keep moving forward if weight loss gets difficult or your willpower begins to fade.


7-day slimming booklet with written, tailored advice from all experts to take away


One week of prescription tablet appetite suppressants*

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Support at your fingertips with our Quick Start Booklet

Our Quick Start fast weight loss programme gives you access to 7 days-worth of advice from each expert, all contained in a booklet for you to take away after your meetings with them. This enables you to put all our trusted advice and support into practice during your day to day life. You’ll get to grips with what works best for you, how our weight loss programmes work and see just how easy it is to lose weight for good with The Slimming Clinic.

What happens once I have completed my 7 day weight loss programme?

Once the 7 days are up, we will invite you back to your local clinic to assess the results, including what worked for you and what didn’t. Based on that, our doctors and clinic team will recommend one of our longer-term weight loss programmes should you wish to continue your exciting journey with us. The main goal of Quick Start is to give you the initial drive, advice and support you need to head on the road to long-term weight loss success.

The Quick Start 7 day weight loss plan provides you with week-long expert advice and support for just £44 – less than the cost of single, private appointment with any of our weight loss specialists.

*Tablet appetite suppressants are prescribed at the Doctor’s discretion and only after an initial health consultation and your suitability has been assessed.

Weight loss medication is also available for an additional cost. Please speak to your doctor at your initial appointment for more information.

Your Quick Start 7 Day Plan Booklet

Terms & Conditions

  1. Programme available to new patients and patients who are: • new patients • patients who haven’t attended The Slimming Clinic for an appointment for the last 90 days.
  2. Existing Change, Change One and Pay As You Slim patients can also purchase this programme and run it concurrently with their existing programme. Existing patients will not receive any additional medication.
  3. Patients have 60 days from the date of purchase to start their Quick Start programme.
  4. 48 hour cancellation policy – patients need to give 48 hours’ notice to change their appointment otherwise they forfeit the programme.

For more information about Quick Start or our other weight loss programmes, get in touch with your local weight loss clinic today or fill out our contact form.

We will help you look better, feel better and achieve your dreams!

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