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What Is Zinoshine+?

ZinoShine+ is a uniquely formulated vitamin D3 and magnesium dietary supplement.

The blend of vitamins within Zinoshine+ is developed to support your immune system, reduce occasional tiredness and fatigue whilst supporting your muscles, bones, and teeth function.

Why Should You Add Zinoshine+ To Your Weight Loss Programme?

Adding a multivitamin to your weight loss programme will see you improve your weight loss results and health.

Your vitamin D levels and requirements will be unique, and depend on age, lifestyle choices, where you live, and your exposure to sunlight.

As such, Zinoshine+ tablets help you to tailor your intake according to your individual needs throughout the year and your life.

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How To Add Zinoshine+ To Your Weight Loss Programme

The Slimming Clinic want to care for all aspects of your health and well-being. We know that losing weight isn’t just losing weight. There are many areas that need caring for along the way.

That is why we have added Zinzino products and extra support elements to our weight loss programmes.

If you are ready to add Zinzino ZinoShine+ to your weight loss programme, get in touch today and speak to a member of the team!


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