“I lost 3st 12lbs”

Kirsty’s Story

Age: 27
Occupation: Mum of two children
Start Weight: 15st 7lbs
Current Weight: 11st 9lbs
Plan: Pay As You Slim
Clinic: Southampton

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My weight was always up and down from a young age till I was about 17/18 when I got to my ideal weight, this lasted until I was 21 and pregnant.

I put on about 6 stone going from a size 10 to a size 18 throughout my first pregnancy and really struggled to get it off.

After about 4 ½ years it was gradually coming off, until I fell pregnant again. After having my 2nd daughter in October 2018, my weight went back up to 15st 7lbs.

During my pregnancy and after, crisps, bread and chocolate continued to be my biggest downfall.


“I used to struggle with hip pain and getting out of breath easily, resulting in me being too embarrassed to go out or even take my eldest daughter to the park or the play area, I didn’t feel as though I could run around or climb through the play area. My confidence and self-esteem were again at an all-time low.”
After seeing lots of pictures of myself and knowing I had a lot of events coming up, from being a Maid of Honour in October, going to Australia for Christmas (and hoping to wear a bikini for the first time) and it being just over a year until I was due to get married, I knew I had to start losing weight as soon as I could.

I’m still currently losing weight and getting very close to my target weight. I have started facing fears by going to the gym. I even shocked myself when I realised that I was running around my daughters school playground playing tag with her and some of her friends, I would have never done that in the past, I’m also finding myself being more confident in the clothes I wear, by wearing clingier clothes and being able to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes from 6 years ago.


“A friend recommended The Slimming Clinic and suggested I book a free consultation. It has been a lifesaver!”

Kirsty’s Slimming Tips

1. Distract yourself and keep busy.
2. Drink lots of water and believe you can do it.
3. Put pictures of yourself around the house that will motivate you.

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