Graham Hill,

BA Hons

at The Slimming Clinic

Work Experience

I started out with an interest in TV and Film work, then in 2010 I moved into Graphic Design and the print industry working on digital, litho and signage projects.
Now at The Slimming Clinic I manage to utilise all my skills to support the company in its support of their clientele to achieve their dreams.

What I Love About Working at The Slimming Clinic

I love working with people who have a real passion to make a difference in peoples lives for the better, not only to their weight but their general physical and mental health.

Interesting Facts About Me

I delivered my youngest daughter at home.
I like hiking and camping and movies from the 80s and 90s and often listen to soundtracks instead of bands.


The FIRST STEP to becoming the NEW YOU is the hardest.

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