Dr Jane Glazebrook

Clinical Team Leader, Consulting Doctor
at The Slimming Clinic

GMC Number: 7413900
BM 2013 University of Southampton

What inspired you to become a doctor?

I have always had a desire to help people and when, at the age of sixteen, my best friend passed away with an inoperable brain tumour, I was inspired to go into a medical career.

What I Love About Working at The Slimming Clinic

I have a passion to help my patients by giving them the education they require in order to care for themselves. The Slimming Clinic is an excellent service for that. It allows for high quality, medical assisted weight management, allowing me to safely guide patients through a successful weight loss journey while reversing and preventing multiple chronic diseases.

Interesting Facts About Me

A hidden talent of mine, is that I can breakdance and I can also do backflips.


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