Rene Windsor‘s story
Weight Lost: 4 Stone*
From following the plan and advice that I was given I managed to get down 12 Stone 10lbs. I feel so much better, am much more active in my life and hobbies and clothes are much easier to buy now.*
No doubt a familiar story for many, but true all the same. I went away on holiday and when I got back was looking through the photos and was shocked at how fat I’d become! Enough was enough and something had to be done. Gyms at that time weren’t helping me that much and I needed an alternative. I was chatting with a friend who said she’d recently started at The Slimming Clinic as she was struggling to lose her post pregnancy weight and things were going really well. Thoughts of slimming clubs from TV comedies and having to stand around in a groups whilst your weight was called out entered my head. I immediately dismissed the idea as ‘not for me’. However, after further discussion and assurance that it was nothing like this I went along. With a small amount of nervousness I walked in to the clinic and was greeted by the ever smiling team which made me feel a bit more comfortable before being called in. It was nothing like I had imagined – no village hall but a smart modern premises with consultations that take place in private just between you and your doctor. Once medical history, lifestyle, eating and exercise habits are discussed your height, weight and blood pressure are then also taken into consideration before a decision is made if you are suitable or not. Once you have been prescribed the slimming tablets you come back every week to record the weight loss and discuss how it has been. One thing I’ve personally found of benefit is to use the food recording chart to keep track of everything you eat. The doctors are never short of advice nor time to answer queries.
I was 16 ½ stone when I came back from Egypt, hated the way I looked, didn’t feel confident about myself and was quite self conscious about how I thought people saw me. The slimming tablets really were the kick that my body and I needed to start this process and to lose the weight that I’d put on. By combining a healthy low calorie diet and exercise the weight started to shift, it was pretty fast for the first few weeks but then settled to a more regular amount each week, but gave me the impetuous to carry on as I was seeing results each week. From following the plan and advice that I was given I managed to get down 12 Stone 10lbs, 3lbs away from 4 stone. I feel so much better, am much more active in my life and hobbies and clothes are much easier to buy now. Don’t get me wrong this is not an easy fix as you still have to give up the nice things that are bad for you but it’s a huge helping hand towards reaching your goal if you’re serious about losing weight.
What have you found to be the main advantages from your weight loss?
There are so many benefits having lost weight – it’s so easy to walk into a shop and find something that fits, it makes shopping a lot easier. It’s also great being able to be on the beach in shorts and not feel so self conscious.
*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances.
Now that you’ve lost the weight, is it easy to maintain?
I sometimes still fluctuate a little – but everyone has their good and bad days. But I have completely kept off 75-80% of the weight – which I am really happy about!

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