Rachael Lemmon‘s story
Weight Lost: 3 Stone*
The results are amazing I have so much more energy and have finally hit my goal weight of between 9 stone 12 and 10 stone. I was a size 16 now I’m a size 10 and my BMI is now 23.*
Like most of us, I have been watching my weight for many years. Although not very overweight I realised I needed to try and get to a healthy BMI. I was getting pains in my knees and felt if I didn’t do something I would be in the risk category for diabetes or high cholesterol. I’m not getting any younger and have just become a Nanna. I had a very big appetite and I think my portions could have fed two! I didn’t have a danger food, as all food was my thing, especially roast potatoes and heaps of pasta. So last July I decided to diet seriously under the guidance of The Slimming Clinic Gillingham clinic. A few years ago I had used the clinic and lost a lot of weight so I knew it was a good place to go. I have been able to lose over 3 stone and get to my correct BMI thanks to the help of Terry, the Manager, and Dr Pal. When I started, I was 13 stone and had been counting calories and watching the amount of fat I was consuming. However, despite eating the correct amount I was only losing a little and then putting it back on when I got demotivated. Dr Pal then had a really good talk to me and we looked where my calories were coming from. We discovered that I was eating low fat but the foods were still high in sugar. Dr Pal decided that I should cut all of the sugar from my diet and concentrate on good calories from protein and fibre. He also recommended that I eat from a smaller plate for better potion control. The results are amazing I have so much more energy and have finally hit my goal weight of between 9 stone 12 and 10 stone. I was a size 16 now I’m a size 10 and my BMI is now 23.
I also run every other day and clock up around 60 miles a week. I’m now able to run around with my grandchild and keep up. I have brought loads of lovely snug fitting clothes – no more long jackets to cover me up. I still don’t eat sugar and my philosophy is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Slimming Clinic have made my journey easier, giving clear and practical advice, full support through the bad weeks and motivation to carry on to my target. The medication and how it works was fully explained to me and I love the attention and interest that Dr Pal took over my progress each week. Also, Terry and Debbie and their motivational comments made me even more determined. The diet advice is easy to fit into a busy lifestyle and all of the staff are there to answer any questions I might have.” How do you deal with boredom in your dieting program? People ask me how I did it and not get bored! Well The Slimming Clinic helped me to understand what and why I ate badly and how a few lifestyle changes can make all the difference. I found that I was never hungry or if tempted waited 10 minutes as Dr Pal advised me to then to evaluate if I was really hungry. I still attend the clinic for maintenance checks and also cosmetic procedures.

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