Lisa Beaumont‘s story
Weight Lost: 5 Stone
"The compliments you get from other people really spur you on when you're losing weight. My aching joints have now gone, I've got muscles in my legs now - I haven’t joined a gym just upped my walking and practice 10 mins of easy exercise every day. "
I've struggled for about the last 25 years with my weight ever since giving birth to my daughter, Amy (who has also joined The Slimming Clinic slimming). I'm a comfort eater, particularly on a bad day and would also eat the kids left over food as they were growing up. I've had high and lows over the last 25 years with yo-yo dieting – losing a couple of stone then gaining it again plus more. I have a very physical job and found that the older I got and the more weight I gained, the more my joints were aching, especially my knees and back. I also didn’t want to go out and socialise with people as I was embarrassed about my weight. I've tried every diet known to mankind – calorie counting, slimming clubs and groups, cabbage soup diet, literally everything! I would initially lose some weight but very slowly and then get fed up and regain it all. My main downfalls were literally every food that is bad for you and big portions of it! I could easily sit and eat a family sized bag of crisps and follow that with a family sized bar of chocolate whilst watching TV on an evening. My health was definitely suffering with the extra weight I was carrying. My joints ached and I felt lethargic and depressed.
I saw a friend of mine losing weight and posting progress pictures on Facebook. She was doing so well, I private messaged her and asked what her secret was, her answer – Slimming with The Slimming Clinic. There and then I decided to research it and made an appointment. It’s the best decision I've ever made. From day one of joining The Slimming Clinic, it was like a new lease of life for me. I personally found it really easy to lose weight as it just seemed to drop off me overnight. The staff are all lovely at the branch I attend, in Middlesbrough and we have become friends. They get excited to see my weight loss and progress each week and really encourage me. They’re fantastic and always have a smile on their faces. Julie is amazing, she always has a smile on her face and congratulates me each week- it's like visiting your friends for a catch up!
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The compliments you get from other people really spur you on when you're losing weight. My aching joints have now gone, I've got muscles in my legs now - I haven’t joined a gym just upped my walking and practice 10 mins of easy exercise every day. I socialise a lot more now as I'm not ashamed of myself anymore. Before I lost weight I refused to get my photo taken – now I photo bomb everyone's selfies and my confidence is so high! I love buying new clothes and not sticking to black leggings and a baggy top! I'm finding it relatively easy to maintain my weight. I've been on the journey for 8 months and have lost weight every week except over the Christmas period when I put on 2 lbs. If I have a bad day, I don’t beat myself up – I just have a good day the day after. Personally for me the most important factor is my confidence and not shrinking into the background anymore – oh and all the clothes shopping. I feel better in my mid 40’s than I did in my twenties!
What did you weigh before and what is your weight now?
At my heaviest I weighed 15 stone 1 lb, I now weigh 10 stone 1 lb.
How do you deal with boredom in your diet?
I don’t really get bored as I find you have so much energy with this programme, so I tend to do a lot more things than I used to as I have so much more energy and I'm no longer tired.
What would you say to someone who wanted to lose a large amount of weight?
I would say join The Slimming Clinic – it’s the only diet that’s ever worked for me – within a few days you feel totally different and positive and I honestly knew I was going to do it this time!
Would you do anything different to lose weight?
I'm going to do exactly what I've been doing! I'm so disciplined during the week and have a treat on a weekend as I've earned it and it seems to work for me.
Was there a moment where you thought to yourself 'this time, I'm really going to lose weight'
I knew I was going to reach my goal within a week of starting at The Slimming Clinic as I had so much energy from day one and the weight was coming off very quickly.
Why did you decide to join The Slimming Clinic?
I chose The Slimming Clinic as I'd tried every diet known to mankind and failed. Seeing my friend lose so much by attending the slimming clinic I decided to give it a whirl and it's the best slimming programme I have ever done!
What are your top 3 tips for losing weight?
- Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day.
- Portion control ( I didn’t actually buy any diet products) just cut my portions down. I've done this journey with my daughter Amy, so it was like a bit of friendly competition.
- I don’t really avoid any foods – just try eat sensibly- most people know what is good/bad for them. I always have a treat on a weekend to reward myself.
What's the best thing about losing weight?
The best thing about losing weight is new clothes, new clothes and more new clothes!
What was your diet like before and what is it like now?
Before joining The Slimming Clinic I would eat anything: crisps, chocolate bars, takeaways, big dinners followed by stodgy desserts.
Now, I always start my day off with granola and add nuts to give me energy. Then, fruit during the day and a normal evening meal such as chilli or spag bol but just a smaller portion. I try not eat anything after my evening meal.

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