Amy Beaumont‘s story
Weight Lost: 3 stone 6 lbs
"The Slimming Clinic have been fab. The staff at the Middlesbrough branch I attend have given me so much encouragement and advice and I am so grateful to them for being there for me through my weight loss journey."
I've struggled with my weight since my teenage years. I was always looking at my friends who had typical “perfect” teenager figures and felt ashamed of mine. I find that I am an emotional eater so the more I compared myself to others, or if I was upset, angry or ashamed of my body, the more I would eat! The weight had crept on over the years, however, it was only after the birth of my son, when I had gained four stone and had my photo taken at a family do that I realised just how big I had got! I've tried so many fad diets, juice plus, the military diet, weight loss groups and nothing seemed to suppress my appetite or give me the willpower to carry it through and I would give up after being on each diet for no longer than a week! Convenience food became my diet, quickly grabbing anything I could through the day – pasties, takeaways, breakfast buns, crisps, I literally ate everything that was bad for me and my health really suffered. It affected me as a mother which devastated me. I was always so tired, I would get out of breath over the simplest tasks such as taking my son for a walk to feed the ducks! My weight didn’t just affect me physically, I was emotionally low, I was depressed, embarrassed and ashamed of myself and before I knew it, I had turned into a hermit not wanting to socialise with anyone!
My mum had also struggled with her weight most of her adult life. She joined The Slimming Clinic and after attending for just one week I saw an amazing change in her. I decided enough was enough and that it was time to stop making excuses, to stop feeling ashamed about myself and do something about it! The Slimming Clinic have been fab. The staff at the Middlesbrough branch I attend have given me so much encouragement and advice and I am so grateful to them for being there for me through my weight loss journey. I've found losing weight with the help of The Slimming Clinic relatively easy, considering the many years of struggles. My energy was through the roof on the first day, which instantly lifted my mood and made me feel positive! Losing weight became my life in a good way! Portion control was key for me, instead of starving myself like I used to on past diets I ate exactly the same as my family but I would just eat littler portions.
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I would say the benefits I have got out of attending The Slimming Clinic and losing weight is that my confidence and my self esteem are the highest they've ever been. I can walk into a shop see a dress that I like and buy it – I no longer have to worry about my lumps and bumps and how I will look, which for a 24 year old woman there is honestly no better feeling! I'm finding it easy to maintain my weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, I indulge if I want to at weekends and if I put a pound on I don’t give up like I used to; I'll just be good for the rest of the week and make up for it by losing the pound I gained plus a few extra to make me feel on top of the world again. The most important factor for me when losing weight was to not give up! I attended The Slimming Clinic every week even if I knew I had been a bit naughty and had indulged.
How much did you weigh at your heaviest and how much do you weigh now?
At my heaviest I was 13 stone 6 1/4 pounds I am now 10 stone.
How do you deal with boredom in your diet?
Before I started The Slimming Clinic I used be like a couch potato, sitting watching TV and thinking ‘oh I'm bored’ which led to ‘oh I think I'm hungry’ then would sit and eat junk food all night. Now, I don’t get bored I've got so much energy that if I find myself sitting down thinking 'what can I do?' I just get up and do it even if its nine in the evening I'll iron my clothes, clean the windows - anything but sit and be that old couch potato again!
Are there any foods you completely avoid eating?
There are no foods I completely avoid. If I fancy something I'll eat it, but within reason. Unlike before, when I fancied a bit of sugar and would eat a full family sized chocolate bar but now, I will eat a piece of chocolate and be satisfied. For me it's all about my portion sizes.
What's the best thing about losing weight?
The best thing about losing weight is the amount of compliments I now get off people who I used to see looking at me thinking 'God, she's put some weight on.' Compliments spur a person on and for me, my confidence grew each month the more I lost. My most memorable moment so far after losing weight has got to be the first time I wore a dress and felt comfortable and confident after the previous six years of hiding my undesirable body in a baggy top and trousers - there was no better feeling!
What did you used to eat on an average day before you lost weight and what do you eat now?
An average day for me before I lost weight was to eat anything I wanted as much as I wanted for the full day. Everything and anything bad for you I would eat.
An average day for me now, is a healthy breakfast, usually Weetabix with a chopped banana, fruit throughout the day and a normal evening meal that I cook for the family but just a smaller portion.
Why did you decide to come to The Slimming Clinic?
I decided to attend The Slimming Clinic when I saw my mum, Lisa, doing so well after just one week at the slimming clinic.
What are your top 3 tips for losing weight?
Portion control
A treat now and again
What would you say to anyone who would like to lose a large amount of weight?
For anyone wanting to lose a large amount of weight, I would say attend The Slimming Clinic! It is the best decision my mum and I have ever made and I will never look back again. Be positive, know in your heart you’re going to lose your desired amount of weight. Set yourself little goals each week (not unreachable goals but little ones). Me and my mum would set goals such as 'Right, by the end of this month I want to have lost half a stone – anything more was an added bonus' and 'Attend The Slimming Clinic every single week, hopefully hitting each of yours targets.'
How do you plan to keep the weight off?
I plan to keep my weight off by doing what I'm doing now! Attend The Slimming Clinic, be good all week and have a treat on a weekend and never slip back into the bad habits I had for so many years!

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