Qardio – innovative health monitoring devices

Qardio design innovative health monitoring devices that fit the modern lifestyle, to enable you to track your overall health and positive changes to your well-being, not just your weight.

When you sign up to our i-Change Elite and Transform programmes, we will send you a QardioArm – a wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and QardioBase Smart Scales. Together they are worth over £230, but they are included when you sign up!

Fundamental to leading a healthy lifestyle is looking at important health factors and tracking changes in your body composition, so by partnering with Qardio and giving you your own set of Smart Scales and Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, you can measure your progress in the comfort and safety of your own home. This means you can track not just your weight, but your overall health improvements too on your weight loss journey.

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

QardioArm (RRP £89.95) is a wireless blood pressure monitor that measures your blood pressure, heart rate and also has irregular heartbeat detection. It is FDA approved and is clinically validated to meet both US and European Standards.
QardioArm portable blood pressure monitor works wirelessly alongside the free Qardio App, which enhances its functionality with useful and unique features – enabling you to really take control of your heart health.
Whenever you take your blood pressure, QardioArm records the reading and uploads it to a central, secure database that can be accessed by yourself, and our Slimming Clinic doctors, to monitor your heart health.

The QardioArm device is portable, small and discreet and can be taken with you anywhere you are.

The device also includes geo-tagging, which means wherever you’re recording your blood pressure from, it will track. This means our doctors can identify patterns in your blood pressure readings and reasons for why it could be higher or lower, defined by location!

For example, if you are swapping between taking your blood pressure at home and at work, and your readings are higher at work, this could be stress related.

Using this information, our doctor can form more tailored and suitable advice on how to reduce stress, and therefore your blood pressure which will improve your overall health and weight loss.

Our new QardioArm is solely designed to ensure you are getting the most from your weight loss journey with us and is 4 times more effective at lowering your blood pressure that traditional blood pressure monitors.

QardioBase Smart Scales

At The Slimming Clinic, we have identified that one of the main reasons people struggle on their weight loss journey is that they haven’t seen the number on the scales going down for a few weeks and their weight loss plateaus or slows down.

From our years of weight loss experience, we know how discouraging this can feel.

The Slimming Clinic, we teach every patient that there is so much more to weight loss than simply the number of pounds you weigh.

When our clinics were open, we would weigh and assess patients’ weight loss using our In-Body weighing scales, looking into body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density and more, which is something that every patient valued.

We wanted to make sure that this fantastic benefit was not lost now we offer remote appointments, so we now offer all patients on our i-Change Elite and Transform programmes a set of Qardio Smart Scales.

QardioBase Smart Scales do not just measure your weight but they also calculate your BMI and track changes in your body composition (muscle, fat, water, bone) automatically.
This means you can see changes occurring in your health outside of your weight, even if your weight loss is slowing or plateauing, your body fat % and blood pressure could be dropping.

One of the best benefits of these state-of-the-art devices is that the Qardio Smart Scales record your results centrally, through their app, meaning they automatically upload your current health stats to The Slimming Clinic network.

This means that whenever you weigh yourself, the doctor can see you progress and offer you encouragement and advice, even if you’re between appointments!

Our doctors are trained with the Qardio equipment and are able to detect where your results are improving, even if you feel like you’ve not made much progress.

The doctors will use the data to discuss your health with you at your appointments and offer much more tailored advice and support to you.

We also wanted to use the Qardio equipment to show you that your health is more than just losing weight.

There are so many benefits to leading a healthier lifestyle, like reducing your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and reducing your body fat, all things that these incredible gadgets can help measure and track for you!

This means you can see changes occurring in your health outside of your weight, even if your weight loss is slowing or plateauing, your body fat % and blood pressure could and in most cases, will be improving.

Using the Qardio devices means you’re getting a more valuable and bespoke service than ever before at The Slimming Clinic, helping you reach your weight loss and health goals quicker.

Keep your motivation up and get more in-depth body analysis from our brilliant Qardio products by joining our i-Change Elite or Transform programme.


To find out more about Qardio and our weight loss programmes, contact a member of our patient support team today on 0800 917 9334.

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