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If, like us, you can’t quite believe how quickly the weeks to Christmas are flying by and are now worrying about losing those pesky lockdown pounds before the big day, then you’ve come to the right place!

Filled with exclusive expert advice in diet, movement, mindset and more, we have produced our FREE, definitive guide to losing weight before Christmas Day!

Our new guide is designed for you to try something new each week for the next 8 weeks that will improve your weight loss and help you develop a healthier lifestyle.

Why not make your gift to yourself this year, the gift of looking after your health?
2020 has been a rollercoaster for most of us, so why not gain back control of the things you can control, like your health and happiness, and see just what you can achieve between now and December 25th.

On average, patients lose between 1-2lbs a week with The Slimming Clinic, so just think how much you could lose in the next 8 weeks!

Less than 8 weeks to Christmas when you’re reading this? You’re not too late! You can start your festive slimming journey, no matter how few weeks there are!

What’s inside?

We take your weight loss week-by-week, each week you will learn new tools and skills to implement into your life to lose weight successfully before Christmas.
Week 1 – Back to dieting basics
Week 2 – Back to movement basics
Week 3 – The key to a weight loss mindset
Week 4 – Preparation for weight loss
Week 5 – Dieting during the festive season
Week 6 – How to stay social and still slim down
Week 7 – Your favourite festive activities
Week 8 – Our top tips for great weight loss
And so much more!

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