A lot of the money we earn is spent on things like your rent or mortgage, your bills and utilities and food shops, but what happens to that little bit of spare you have left?


  • Maybe it’s a daily coffee on the way to work?
  • Or a takeaway every Friday?
  • Maybe drinks with friends once-a-week?
  • Maybe some extra treats in the shopping trolley at the supermarket?
  • A shopping spree once a month?


However, a lot of the things we spend our money can contribute to our mental well-being, but often don’t often contribute to improving our health – they are usually things we feel like we want to ‘treat’ ourselves to.

But what if you did invest some of your money in your health, well-being and weight loss?

What if we told you for the cost of one of those things – as little £4.50 per day – you could be healthier, happier and slimmer in just a few months?

Why are our programmes worth you investing in?

At The Slimming Clinic, we offer a number of weight loss programmes that are designed around you, with access to real weight loss doctors and experts who design your weight loss and support around you, your lifestyle, your weight loss requirements and budget!

The benefits of our weight loss programmes really outweigh the costs that you pay!

Remote Appointments 

Using regular 1-to-1 remote appointments with weight loss doctors, we build weight loss programmes that suit your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Rather than focusing on certain diets, restricting foods, calorie intake or activities, we talk to you and get to know you.


Qualified Weight Loss Doctors

Our GMC-registered weight loss doctors recommend the best ways for you to lose weight and diet plans to follow based on your and your requirements!

Because they are medically trained, they can get to the root causes of your weight gain, or issues with weight loss and help you get into a better health with their medical weight loss guidance.


Weight Loss Medication

Alongside this, every weight loss programme we offer comes with prescription weight loss medication, either in tablet or injection form.

Safe and effective, weight loss medication is prescribed after we have ascertained your suitability for treatment.

If suitable, our medical experts prescribe weight loss medication to help suppress your appetite and curb cravings, which will assist you and support your weight loss diet changes.


Natural Supportive Supplements 

We also offer you supportive, natural weight loss supplements, Chromium and GZ12 which can help support your weight loss, alongside your prescription medication, to help keep cravings and hunger at bay.

It can be hard when elevenses and three o’clock roll around, or you get those nibbles after dinner for something sweet. our natural weight loss supplements will help stop that!


1-to-1 Remote Appointments

Our 1-to-1 appointments also mean you are not sharing your appointment, or support time, with anyone else. Your appointment is for you and your weight loss doctor to discuss your struggles or successes and you can book them whenever you need them.

And the best part is, you can do it from wherever you are, as you don’t need to attend a clinic or location for any of your appointments.


Easy Prescription Ordering 

If you don’t need to speak to the doctor, you can also request your repeat medication through our review form – meaning you can fill in a few simple details and your prescription is sent to you!


Invest wisely in your health

With the cost of living seeming to increase by the day, a lot of us are finding that we have less spare money each month to spend, so we know how important it is to ensure you aren’t wasting your money on another weight loss solution that doesn’t get you to goal.

If you have tried ‘high-street’ weight loss groups, fasting, meal replacements or hard exercise plans and you are still not at your weight loss goal, put your trust in The Slimming Clinic this month and see just what you can achieve.

Our weight loss plans start at as little as £4.50 per month and could be the difference you have been looking for.

Invest your money wisely and try a Slimming Clinic weight loss programme!


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