We know that coming in for your first appointment at our clinics can be a big step and the apprehension of not knowing what will happen at your initial weight loss consultation can be a little daunting. We wanted to take away any of the worry you may be feeling and put your mind at rest about exactly what goes on!


What will happen at my initial weight loss consultation?

You will be welcomed by one of our brilliant clinic team and given a form for registering your details. Following that, you will meet The Slimming Clinic Doctor who will ask you more about you and any struggles you might be facing with your weight.

The Doctor will ask you about your medical history and any other medication you may already be on.

These questions will assess your suitability for our prescription medication and if you are suitable, they will give you more information about the medication recommended to help your weight loss journey and any side effects to look out for.

Your Doctor will go into more detail about your individual weight loss journey and how your medication will be monitored as well as the diet and lifestyle changes they suggest to make the most of your time with The Slimming Clinic.

Once you and your Doctor have discussed the best course of treatment, they will take you through a consent form and the benefits of informing your GP of your new treatment plan (although this is not mandatory) and prescribe your medication.


What will the doctor be checking during my consultation?

During the consultation, your Doctor will be looking for any reasons you might not be suitable for treatment, such as medications that cannot be taken alongside appetite suppressants or any health-related issues.

They will also measure your height and starting weight and use these to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as a simple physical exam including an assessment of your heart and lung health.


How long is my consultation?

Your initial consultation with The Slimming Clinic doctor is between 35-40 minutes


What will the doctor want to discuss with me at my consultation?

The most important part of the consultation with your Doctor is to build trust and to ensure you are treated with respect and dignity. The Doctor will ask you about your weight struggles in the past and your reasons for joining The Slimming Clinic.

They will enquire about any weight loss treatments you have tried in the past and how you got on with those methods, as well as any activity you may be doing.

This will help them to build a bigger picture about you and enable them to build a treatment plan around you as an individual, rather than a generic plan.

Following this conversation, the Doctor will discuss what being a patient at The Slimming Clinic entails, what the treatment plans are, what prescription medication options are available to you individually.


What do I need to bring to my first consultation?

The most important thing to bring (apart from yourself!) is your photo identification. You can’t be seen at your initial weight loss consultation without it.

It’s also helpful to The Slimming Clinic Doctor if you can bring a copy of an up to date prescription of any medication you currently take, any medical notes or doctor letters you feel may be relevant. However, this is not essential at your appointment.


What should I wear?

It’s important that you are comfortable from your initial consultation with us. For your consultations, we recommend wearing light and loose clothing to ensure we get as accurate a measurement of you as possible.

We do suggest that you avoid heavy jewellery, belts and watches and you should be prepared to remove your shoes and socks to be weighed on our scales.


What happens in future consultations?

Following your initial weight loss consultation, you will come back to clinic weekly for an appointment with the Doctor.

These follow up appointments are crucial to your weight loss journey as they allow us to track your progress and make amendments to your programme where necessary.Alongside a discussion with you about your week, the Doctor will weigh you and take any other measurements necessary. They will discuss the changes you’ve implemented to your lifestyle and how they have worked for you.

They can help with any questions you have about the medication and dispense your next prescription of your appetite suppressants.


Didn’t find your question answered here? We are here to help – call a member of our friendly customer service team on 0800 917 9334!

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