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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ – but have you ever stopped to think about what it means?

For us at The Slimming Clinic, we use this phrase a lot when we see the amazing transformations of our wonderful patients who have lost weight with us. Without having to read their inspiration stories, we can see how brilliant their transformations are, just by looking at their before and after photos.

When it comes to weight loss transformations, there really is nothing more powerful than seeing side by side images of someone who has lost a lot of weight and changed their life for the better. Are we right??

How often have you looked at a transformation image and wished you were them? Do you spend hours scrolling through images of people who have dropped pounds and dress sizes, in a bid to feel inspired?

If so, you’re just the same as the amazing transformations we see every day here at The Slimming Clinic. We hear so often about patients who have seen a someone change their life and it has been the catalyst that gives them the motivation to start their own weight loss journey!

If you’ve been struggling with your weight and think you could never be one of our weight loss testimonials, we’re here to tell you how wrong you are!

Every single patient we have had as a testimonial has told us how they have struggled with hitting ‘walls’ or plateauing, or gaining weight on their journey and have felt like just giving up on ever trying to lose weight.

They tell us they have tried multiple avenues for losing weight, only to struggle a few weeks or months in and have simply stopped attending their weight loss classes or refuse to face the scales again and head back to an unhealthy lifestyle that means their weight goes spiralling out of control again.

If that’s the case for you, it means you’re in need of some amazing inspiration from people who have been in your exact position not that long ago.

Losing weight can be hard. We know this. You might have already tried slimming groups, or perhaps intermittent fasting? Maybe you’ve done meal replacement shakes or an ambitious workout regime? Whatever you’ve tried in the past, have you ever stopped to think about why it hasn’t worked for you?

Were you setting yourself unattainable goals? Or did you have unrealistic expectations of how quickly you should be losing weight? Maybe you let your emotions take back control of your eating habits again?

But we have news for you. Losing weight doesn’t HAVE to be hard. The hardest part is being motivated to make the decision to change!

And we have thousands of successful patients who will prove to you that weight loss with The Slimming Clinic isn’t hard at all – that it is achievable, can be easy and once you’ve lost the weight, you will be left with the tools and know-how for how to keep your health and weight maintained for the future.

At The Slimming Clinic, we have a way to support every aspect of your weight loss. Maybe your mindset is never in the right place – work with our Mind Coach to figure out why you’re emotionally eating, or your motivation is dipping.

If you’re finding it hard cutting out bad food choices, speak to our Dietitian for weight loss. They will give you simple tweaks to your diet, not huge changes that feel insurmountable, slowly shifting your eating habits to enable a healthier lifestyle.

Or perhaps you’re not moving enough? We have Movement Coaches who work with you to help you get more activity into your lifestyle, based on your current fitness levels.

If your previous issues have been medical, talk to our doctor, someone who is an expert in weight loss and medical health and can guide you through your weight loss in a safe and methodical manner, supporting you weekly to ensure your health is a priority at all times.

And if your downfall has been unsupportive friends, family or others, we have a wonderful online community where you can go and get 24/7 motivation from people who are on the same weight loss programme as you.

With The Slimming Clinic, there is no reason you cannot be your own transformation before and after, it just takes the motivation to join us.

These are just a handful of our transformations. We’re just going to leave these images here, in case you feel the need to be inspired 😉

(We do have a whole heap more here, if you want to read their fantastic stories too).


Success is what comes after you survive your past failures and accept them instead of dwelling on them. Don’t scold yourself for previous failed attempts – learn from them.

If you’re feeling inspired, contact us today and find out how we can and WILL help you lose weight.

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