Struggling with motivation? Is your weight loss plateauing? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new tip to help your weight loss.

Look no further! We’ve got some fantastic tips from the slimmers who have lost weight with The Slimming Clinic!

Shivon, Northampton

  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Reward the small victories, they eventually become great ones.
  3. Substitutes are for life, there are some things I will never eat again like full fat ice cream. So when you make a diet change make sure you can maintain if for life.

Kirsty, Southampton 

  1. Distract yourself and keep busy – this stops you from thinking about food!
  2. Drink lots of water and keep hydrated
  3. Believe you can do it, put pictures of yourself around the house that will motivate you!

Jason, Portsmouth

  1. Prep your meals for the week – helped when in from work late and what is for dinner
  2. Go to the gym – find the time, even for 30 mins of fresh air
  3. Drink plenty of water

Jessica, Bradford 

  1. Exercise and increase your activity as much as possible
  2. Don’t give in to temptation
  3. Have a treat every now and again so you don’t get bad cravings

Steph, Plymouth 

  1. Be organised – a Sunday food shop is a good habit to help you prepare for the week
  2. Eat plenty through the day to stop bad snacking and hunger in the evenings
  3. Take regular progress pictures – you will have come further than you think!

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