Joanne Kane has had an amazing weight loss success of 2 and a half stone with us at The Slimming Clinic in our Transform programme.

She sat down with Carol, our Marketing Director, to talk more about her journey and how she has lost weight.

You can scroll to the bottom to watch her video, or read some of the highlights of their chat in this blog post – she might just be your new weight loss inspiration!


How Joanne feels about her incredible 2 and a half stone weight loss:

I am absolutely delighted, over the moon (to have lost 2 and a half stone) – it’s the best thing I have done in a long time so yeah, I couldn’t be happier!


On why she decided to join a weight loss diet:

Since I had my daughters, I knew I was several stone heavier that I was pre-pregnancies and I had been carrying that around for a while. There was also the fact that in 2020 I turned 50 and it makes you think about ‘what am I going to be like in 10 or 20 years-time when I am still carrying around this extra weight and what is it going to do to my bones and insides?’

Then, with the first lockdown, like a lot of people, I thought my weight had been stable but I had actually put on the best part of half a stone and was struggling to get into all my clothes.

I had got to the point of convincing myself that I was ok at the weight I was previously as I could disguise it pretty well with the clothes I was wearing but when I went to the Health Assessment the result was that my body composition was 48% fat. This was a real moment of ‘I have just got to do something about this’ and it made me determined that I was going to do it.


What weight loss diets Joanne has tried before:

I had tried to lose weight about 20 years ago and lost 2 and half stone that time with the biggest slimming organisation in the UK but it had taken the best part of a year and it was hard work and slow.

When it came to this weight loss, I couldn’t face the through of points counting again and think being older, I just needed something new and so decided to try The Slimming Clinic.


What she enjoyed the most about her Transform programme:

Very early on (in the programme) it was very apparent that it wasn’t just about losing weight, it was definitely an investment or life. It was much more about making you fitter and stronger and working on once you’ve lost your weight.

Transform is exactly the right word for the programme because it is about completely transforming your body, your attitude, your mindset and in my case, teaching me to prioritise my health over everything else that is going on.


How Joanne found her weight loss tips from the weight loss experts:

I did have sessions with all the coaches to start off with (in Mindset, Diet and Movement) and I decided to focus on two areas and that was movement and diet. The Dietitian and Movement Coach are the ones that have helped me the most.

On the diet side, for the last 20 years I’ve had IBS so that has always affected how well I’ve slept and if I slept badly, that would always affect how I’ve eaten the next day and my energy. So Lesley really helped me resolve some IBS issues and it’s been transformative in terms of how I feel when I get up the next day and I’ve had a decent night’s sleep.

It sounds corny but it’s been a revelation in terms of how much better I feel all-round.


How the remote appointments worked for her being a busy working mum:

The appointments were really flexible in terms of being able to arrange to speak to the coaches when we were both available and there was never any problems fitting it in.

Having the appointments booked in with the coaches is also a good incentive as it makes you think ‘Well, I really need to do XY’ Or ‘I shouldn’t eat that’ as you know someone will be questioning who you did or didn’t do something!

I even had a call scheduled with Phil (the Movement Coach) on 27th December and I actually lost weight over Christmas because of their support.


If she had any struggles on her weight loss journey:

Have I struggled? Not particularly. I think it has gone extremely well. It has fitted in really well and I wouldn’t say there are any drawbacks to the programme at all to be honest!


What Joanne thinks is the best thing about losing weight:

Just how it makes you feel – it just makes you have a better outlook on life. I obviously have more energy and feel a lot happier in myself that I have previously.

Everybody knows that it feels like and it just does feel fantastic having lost weight.

I’m looking forward to this summer and hopefully seeing some people I haven’t seen in a while and hopefully getting one or two compliments.


On what she would say to anyone thinking of joining The Slimming Clinic:

Just do it – as the famous advert says! I had procrastinated for a good two years and I should have just got on with it and done it ages ago.

I can’t recommend it enough.

It is definitely a fantastic investment in your future life.


Watch the full video here:


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